Is this shekel for real?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by tartanhill, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. tartanhill

    tartanhill Well-Known Member

    Having been somewhat rebuked for asking questions about coins that are currently being offered at auction, I still believe that if a coin really appears to be a fake, it is appropriate to bring it to the attention of possible bidders. I understand that if I ask questions about an honest coin, then that will draw attention to the coin and so may affect the bidding of that coin. If I have my eye on a coin and someone else mentions that coin and auction on CT, I just may gain some unwanted competitors in my bidding. I feel differently, however, when I am pretty sure the coin being offered is not legit. Take a look at this coin and the description that goes with it and see if you agree with me that this coin should not be offered by a respected auction house, at least not with the description provided. It is called a tetradrachm but I would call it a shekel of Tyre. Its low weight should make any potential bidder wary.


    Phoenicia, circa 126 BC-AD 65. Tyre Tetradrachm circa 97/96 BC, AR 29mm., 11.86g. Laureate bust of Melkart r. Rev. Eagle standing l. on prow, palm on r. wing, L Λ (date) and club to l., Phoenician A" between legs, monogram to r. BMC Phoenicia 116.

    Very Fine. Starting price 60 GBP
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  3. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    It kinda looks cast to me. Something about the surfaces don't seem right.

    It doesn't look silver, but rather lead or some other kind of non-silver metal. Yuck
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  4. bcuda

    bcuda Well-Known Member

    tartanhill I found out the hard way about mentioning a coin in an auction on only my 3rd ever post here. Heck a couple of members decided to put me on ignore and not give me a second chance. I did not know the unspoken rule.
    That said this is a great site and some awesome people here for sure.
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  5. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    I don't know enough to say if it is authentic. However, I just purchased a coin from Tyre a couple of weeks ago, and the appearance is much different from the coin you posted. And the weight in the coin you posted seems off as well. If it is authentic, the price is a lot less than what I spent.
    Ptolemy II.png
    AR Tetradrachm
    OBVERSE: Diademed head of Ptolemy II right, wearing aegis around neck
    REVERSE: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ [ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ], eagle standing left on thunderbolt, to left, club surmounted by Tyre monogram
    Tyre 285-260 BC
    25 mm., 14.14 grams
    Svoronos 644; SNG Copenhagen 482-3
    ex. JAZ Numismatics
  6. Nemo

    Nemo Well-Known Member

    For sale on vcoins right now.
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  7. TIF

    TIF Well that didn't last long :D Supporter

    Good catch, @tartanhill and @Nemo! I've written both Naville and Athena about the problem.
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  8. Nemo

    Nemo Well-Known Member

    Thanks @TIF, i'll be interested in hearing what they have to say. The style is fine but the light weight of these two (11.86 and 11.39), and identical flans are :dead:
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  9. TIF

    TIF Well that didn't last long :D Supporter

    Disappointingly, after two days there has been no reply from either party. Both coins are still for sale :(.
  10. Nemo

    Nemo Well-Known Member

    I wonder how many dealers are/will be influenced by the “Numismatic Lanz Effect.” Mix fake crap in with genuine coins and expect most wont notice or care.
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  11. tartanhill

    tartanhill Well-Known Member

    I contacted Naville yesterday and received this reply.

    absolutly right, thank you very much and apoligize for this, website will be updated shortly.

    Kind regards,

    Mattia Torre

    Naville Numismatics

    So, maybe it's not so bad to bring fake coins to the attention of other potential bidders.
  12. TIF

    TIF Well that didn't last long :D Supporter

    I was just going to post the same response :). He replied an hour or two ago. The lot is still listed (3 bidders so far) but I believe he will withdraw the lot.

    Mattia has been responsive (and responsible) in the past when I've contacted him.

    Athena (Vcoins), however, has still not replied and the coin remains listed for sale.
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