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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Semi, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Semi

    Semi Member

    I have a dozen or so love tokens and while looking through them the date on one looked off to me ?
    The second 8 and 3 look lower than the 1 and first 8 . I just started collecting seated liberty dimes and I just picked up Whitman's book on seated liberty coins. I see there are plenty of varieties and realize they can only put the most notable/most desirable examples. With that said I'm thinking its just me lol ? Let me know your opinions. Thanks

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  3. thomas mozzillo

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    Welcome to Coin Talk. In 1883, I believe some of the numerals of the date were hand punched into each individual die. If you Google "photos of 1883 dimes" and click on the images, you'll see others that look like yours.
  4. paddyman98

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  5. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & odd Moderator

    The date looks normal to me. It's a decent love token with competent engraving. The host coin is a common date and a date very commonly made into love tokens. I'd figure it as a $10-15 piece.
  6. messydesk

    messydesk Well-Known Member

    Being a little banged up can cause things to look to be in the wrong place. In 1883, the date was punched with a 4-digit logotype, not with individual digit punches, so there will be no variation in the positioning of digits relative to each other.
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  7. Semi

    Semi Member

    Thanks guys
  8. Long Beard

    Long Beard Active Member

    First, I see you like a challenge. I'm currently 49 from completing this extremely tough series to assemble. Eight years and counting. Don't allow that to distract you as the more you acquire the greater the pride of accomplishment. Anyone can assemble a set of Lincolns. With that, the date placement is both correct in font and placement as they were hand stamped into the working die. As for the love tokens, I thought of off-setting a few for what they are. Some are quite intricate and beautiful in their own right.
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  9. Semi

    Semi Member

    Thanks long beard . Yes I started about a year ago . I picked up a few countermarked and love tokens just because I thougt they were cool and I liked them 12 in all. I'm only 13 in as far as putting a set together. I've quickly learned just how difficult it will be to assemble a consistent set . Lots of low grade beaters available ,I think I'm going for VG -VF . I actually like the look of most coins in that grade and that's a good thing for me considering how much some of the coins in this series can climb too..... I may use beaters till I can find better examples that match. With that said I think the 70 or so you've managed to pick up in just 8 years is very good. Are you using a dansco type album ?
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