is this 45 and error and damage

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by eatranman, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. eatranman

    eatranman Member

    Just ran into this 1945 wheat and wondered if it was an error? Is there a good online source for wheat errors? Thanks in advance 1945 peeny 1.jpg 1945 peeny date.jpg
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  3. splintercellsz

    splintercellsz CTs Local DJ

  4. DrunkNumismatic

    DrunkNumismatic New Member

    Hard to tell from the photo, but looks to me like it could be die deterioration..
  5. jcakcoin

    jcakcoin New Member

  6. splintercellsz

    splintercellsz CTs Local DJ

    There are more categories if you look on the sidebar. I was just looking at the WAM page when I pasted the link.
  7. jcakcoin

    jcakcoin New Member

    Nice coin, although it just looks like it's filled with some grime
  8. HCSC

    HCSC Numismatist

    Very hard to see anything with that scan.
  9. eatranman

    eatranman Member

    It may be filled with grime but I just found it last night. I took the picture below with my digital camera. Hope you can see it more clearly. I have never had a coin that I thought might be a real error. Is a die deterioration concidered an error coin. Still figuring out how to talk good clear pictures. Looks to me like something going on with the top bar of the five and extra line obove the four.

    IMG_2197 -1.JPG
  10. james m. wolfe

    james m. wolfe New Member

    LincolnwithPenny.jpg its hard to tell,with out not having coin in hand to see :yes:
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