Is this 1983 D mint mark double struck?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by tylerscott20, May 5, 2008.

  1. tylerscott20

    tylerscott20 Junior Member

    I found this in some change

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  3. huntsman53

    huntsman53 Supporter**


    Welcome to Coin Talk and I hope you will hang around! There is only one RPM listed for the Date and Mint (RPM #1) which does not look like the Mint Mark on your' coin. However, it appears that it may in fact be a new RPM Variety! Can you take and post a close-up of the Mint Mark? This would be needed to really make a determination as to whether the Mint Mark is actually a RPM Variety or a form of Machine Doubling!

  4. tylerscott20

    tylerscott20 Junior Member

    I'm hoping to get a new camera this weekend so hopefully i can post a closer pic of it. I can't wait lol:desk:
  5. Arizona Jack

    Arizona Jack The Lincoln-ator

    WOW, Very interesting !!!!!

    Welcome to the forum as well, what a great 1st post !!
  6. Arizona Jack

    Arizona Jack The Lincoln-ator

    A Rpm that obvious undetected this long? If it is, excellent !!!! I have heard of stranger things happening, but this would be big.
  7. huntsman53

    huntsman53 Supporter**

    I know that it is a long shot but it is still possible! There were and still are a lot of BU Lincoln Cent rolls that were hoarded and are just now showing up on the Coin Markets, so it is possible that it just hasn't been discovered yet. Also, since some Dies have very short runs in completing a production run for a specific year, there may be a very low number of these RPM's (if in fact is is) that actually exist! My friend and a local source for Variety and Error Cents (Ben), searches thousands and thousands of Lincoln Cents every week and usually discovers many new RPM and Doubled Die Variety Cents and even other denominations as well, each month. He even donated a 100 (mostly new discoveries) Variety Cents recently to Copper Coins to photograph and use on their' website but has yet to get any credit from Copper Coins for donating the coins.

  8. trnbz5oqz

    trnbz5oqz Junior Member

    Perfect timing for you to list/show this one- earlier this week I was going thru some older BU rolls of cents/etc I had put away when new in their orig plastic wraps that I had covered with aluminum foil. The first coin in one of the rolls of the 83-D's was a very clear double MM- it looks close to the one pictured here except mine has a smaller "D" over a much larger "D". I will try to get pics of this one on here. Also, I discovered most of the coins have that "greased die" look with many tiny blobs and even tho I had the rolls in foil, many of the coins are far from "fresh" looking- probably due to the plastic wrapping?
  9. tylerscott20

    tylerscott20 Junior Member

    Sorry bout the pics...there not the best but i hope they help
  10. huntsman53

    huntsman53 Supporter**


    If you tried to post some new pictures, they did not show up! Try again but make sure that each pictures is 250 KB or less is size. If they are and you can't reduce the file size, then use a Photo Hosting site to upload the pictures to and then post the link to the images here.

  11. tylerscott20

    tylerscott20 Junior Member

  12. tylerscott20

    tylerscott20 Junior Member

  13. huntsman53

    huntsman53 Supporter**


    The first three pictures are useless but based on the fourth picture posted by itself, I think that there is a good chance that it is a previously unlisted and possibly unknown RPM Variety! I don't think that what I am seeing was caused by the Copper plating problems which sometimes appear as a doubled Mint Mark with the Zinc core showing. I edited the fourth picture to brighten the picture somewhat and convert it to Grey scale and have attached the picture. IMHO, the picture clearly shows that it is definitely an RPM!


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  14. Phoenix21

    Phoenix21 *The King Of Jokes*

    I agree, looks like an almost definete RPM! Very nice, and very noticable! :thumb:

    Phoenix :cool:
  15. erwizard

    erwizard Numismatic RN

    Get it to Ken Potter over there at CONECA.....damn it now I'm gonna have to go dig out all the 83Ds....:eat::D:D:D J/K Nice find!
  16. Rhubarb

    Rhubarb New Member

    I would say that it is a RPM that hasn't been discovered by Coneca, Coppercoins. Perhap's someone here has the Wexler Book or files on there computer. As far as sending it to Potter.....I wouldn't. I'm not going into details. Send it to James Wiles.

  17. Scubalou

    Scubalou Member

    Came across this thread while looking for '83 D mint marks. I found one today that resembles the one you're talking about. Here's a pic.

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  18. JCro57

    JCro57 Making Errors Great Again

    Screenshot_2019-03-17-12-09-49~2.png Sorry, but that is not a repunched mintmark. It is the beginning of zinc deterioration. It is not an error. Very common around mintmarks on copper-plated cents.

    Look up zinc deterioration on
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