Is there someone who knows about Asian coins?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Murillo, Dec 5, 2021.

  1. Murillo

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    Hello everyone,
    Was wondering if someone would take the time to identify these coins for me, date and year if possible? Also I have spent a lot of time googling about these types of coins still don't get it! I showed it to someone who knows a little bit about some of these coins but said he wasn't sure, so now I'm asking the expert(s).

    My friend thought that one of them might be a Kangxi coin but not certain. So I posted pictures for you which are numbered, so starts with Coin 1 and Coin 2 which would be the front and back of the coin, so Coin 2 and 3 are the front and back of another coin and so on and so on. Hope this makes sense.

    Also are some of these coins silver? Anyone know what the weight would be if it were silver? Asking a lot but would really love to know about these coins, where are they from, date & year.
    Thank you very much for your time.

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  3. Murillo

    Murillo Active Member

    Sorry site will only allow 10 pictures at a time Thank you all again

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  4. Murillo

    Murillo Active Member

    This is the last 10 pictures. Greatly appreciate your time.

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  5. mrbreeze

    mrbreeze Well-Known Member

    China. Qing Dynasty. 1644-1912.

    All are cast copper/brass/etc. except the ones where the lettering and surfaces look "perfect." Those are machine made.

    You do have one of the neater coins, in my opinion, of the Qing Dynasty. Coin 25 in the 3rd set of pics has a special bottom character (which is at the top in the picture) which differentiates it from the millions of others from that time. It is referred to by Hartill as a type H. Shanlongs.
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  6. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

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  7. Murillo

    Murillo Active Member

    AMAZING!! Thank so much!! So now was wondering did you happen to see a Kangxi coin? I've read where this coin (did research after my friend thought it could be a Kangxi coin) that it was a charm and used for good luck, just curious I sure could use good luck. :joyful:
  8. mrbreeze

    mrbreeze Well-Known Member

    Pic 9 in the first group is Kang Xi.
    Pic 2 & 10 in the second group is Kang Xi.
    Pic 1 & 10 in the third group is Kang Xi.

    Pic 9 (the reverse for the obverse in pic 10) in the second group has a less traditional reverse than the basic Qing dynasty reverse. It was minted in Jiangning (Nanking) in the 1660s. Hartill 22.119

    The coins with those abnormal mint marks are “poem” coins for Kang Xi, which may be what your friend is thinking about as far as “charms.”
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