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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by fah, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. fah

    fah New Member

    In my country - Poland - is very popular investing money in new silver coins. For example coin with "Falcon", which has been issued on Janurary 2008 has got issued price only 91 PLN (1 USD = 2,3 PLN), but in the same day on internet auctions it costs over 400 PLN. Near the National Bank of Poland, which has been emited that coin, were very long waiting lines (a dozen or so TAUSENDS people). This lucky people, who can buy this coins, earn 400% in one day! I also tried to invest in coins and I make over 800% in 6 months! What do you think about it? Is in United States also investing in coins so popular? If in the US people also invest in coins, so please give me examples of good investments (particularly new coins, issued since lat few years) and examples of profit margins.
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  3. Bonedigger

    Bonedigger New Member

    Just try buy when silver is low and holding as long as possible, (maybe selling a little along the way when it spikes upward in vlaue) is about the only startegy I employ.

    1 Oz., Bullion coins are the popular items now it seems.

    Take Care

    Oh, and Greetings and Welcome to the forum. :)
  4. kidkayt

    kidkayt Senior Member

    I really like the Silver Eagles (ASE). These are available directly from the mint as W-mint mark bullion issues.
    I like these since they have both bullion and collectible (for high grade) value. The US MInt does ship
    worldwide for credit card purchases.

    BTW I have all of the JPII commems issued by the Polish Mint. I also wanted the Aichi Expo Coins but
    missed out on them.

    Good Luck!
  5. modernman

    modernman New Member

    If we could only be guaranteed that our investment in coins would go up by even 10% a year we would all be happy!

    There's a saying here in America for investing in stocks that goes something like this, "Past performance is no guarantee of future results."

    Congrats on your 800% gain. It isn't that easy to make any money on coins. Some of us collect just for the enjoyment. Others may collect to try to turn a profit down the road. I'm trying to balance my hobby to be both a lifelong rewarding "treasure hunt" and to not lose a significant part of my investment. There's no guarantee that my coin collection will go up.

    There are lots of "collectors" here in America that seem to buy every new offering the US Mint has in hopes of flipping it for a quick profit. It sounds like Poland has the same type of "collectors."
  6. DoubleDie

    DoubleDie Senior Member

    An 800% profit margin just doesn't happen in the States with silver. If you bought when it was $4.00 an ounce then one would be sitting well, but now, bullion is a bit over the current spot; unless you have connections.
  7. General_Godlike

    General_Godlike Dept. of Transportation

    yeah 800% doesnt sound right.....maybe 80%
  8. modernman

    modernman New Member

    a multi-hundred percent spike in US Mint products is possible, but it's rare. the spike is usually attributed to the coin being identified as a "key" in the series.

    i got in on the 2006-w burnished ASE. they sold for $19.95 but shot up to $100 on Ebay within a few months because the Mint suddenly stopped selling them and they were "low mintage." i bought 5 but wished that i had bought 100 of them.

    the same for the 2006 3-coin 20th anniversary ASE set. they sold for $100 at the Mint then jumped to $450 on Ebay because it had a "low mintage" ASE reverse proof in the set. i bought a few and luckily didn't have time to open the boxes and found out later than the sealed boxes are worth more because PCGS will only grade the set if they are unopened.

    if you can get your hands on rolls of 2008 lincoln cents you can make a few hundred percent profit, or if you can get your hands on the 2009 commemorative lincoln cents next year they will definitely jump a few hundred percent or more.
  9. vancoin

    vancoin New Member

    Welcome. Where in Poland are you from? I've got many polish coins, some of the finest in the world (IMO of coarse). Feel free to private message me about some coins.

  10. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    800% in 6 months is amazing. Any time I can turn $1 into $9 in only 180 days I would consider that a good investment.
  11. fah

    fah New Member

    Thanks for all replys. And what can you say about it:

    This is chart, which presents prices of American coins, which goes up very quickly and suddenly went down. I think in Poland we have the same situation. :(
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