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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by vincentsandcoins, Jun 25, 2022.

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    The last three months I’ve been learning what I can about coins. After looking at endless auctions and literally thousands of coins every week, I started making purchases a few weeks ago and have four coins on hand and a couple more in the mail.

    As trite and basic as it sounds, I early had my heart set on an Arethusa Tet. At the cost of a few dinners with my girlfriend, this was the cheapest Arethusa I found.

    Without the willpower to wait for daylight - I took the photos tonight via iPhone using flash. Thus, the coin looks way more porous and shows dark spots/outlines that aren’t really there (e.g. the horses body looks outlined in black but isn’t actually). It actually shows much better in hand.

    At 16.5 grams, 24mm, and a cost of a few dinners it makes me quite happy.

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    I take many of my images at night with the aid of lamps directed away from the subject. A flash seems to only wash out the image and the sunlight during the day has a poor effect as well. Best, for me, is to take the image on an overcast day. but still shaded from the daylight.
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    Nice! That's an iconic coin, but affordable examples are hard to find. Congrats!
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