Interwar Austria 1923-1938

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    I've been working on a date and type set of the inflationary-era Austrian coinage.

    Technically, the Austrian hyperinflation occurred from 1921-22. By the time the large-denominated 100/200/1000 Kronen coins came out in 1923-24, the worst of the inflation was over, and things had slowed down enough to start making coins again. In 1925, a Schilling valued at 10,000 Kronen was introduced, with a subdivision of 100 Groschen to 1 Schilling. The Schilling lasted until the 1938 Anschluss with Nazi Germany, when Austria lost its independent currency. A postwar Schilling was resumed in 1945 and lasted until Austria's adoption of the Euro.

    Kronen coins (1923-1924):
    100 Kronen 1923
    100 Kronen 1923.jpg

    100 Kronen 1924
    100 Kronen 1924.jpg

    200 Kronen 1924
    200 Kronen 1924.jpg

    1000 Kronen 1924
    1000 Kronen 1924.jpg

    Groschen/Schilling coins (1925-1938).
    100 old Kronen equalled 1 Groschen = 1/100th Schillling
    These coins are the same values as the previous 1923-24 versions, re-denominated.
    1 Groschen 1925
    1 Groschen 1925.jpg

    2 Groschen 1925
    2 Groschen 1925.jpg

    10 Groschen 1928
    10 Groschen 1928.jpg

    A side-by-side comparison before and after the re-denomination:
    Please post any interwar (1918-1938) Austrian coinage if you like!
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    The 2 schilling commemoratives are kinda neat; far cheaper than their Weimar-era 3 mark peers!
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  4. The Eidolon

    The Eidolon Well-Known Member

    Some more interwar Austrian coins:

    Half Schilling 1925. I love the design on this with the date interspersed between the letters. It feels very Art Deco to me.
    Half Schilling 1925.jpg

    50 Groschen 1935
    50 Groschen 1935.jpg

    1 Schilling 1926 (0.640 Ag)
    1 Schilling 1926.jpg

    1 Schilling 1934 (Cu-Ni)
    1 Schilling 1934.jpg
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