Interesting "Extremely Rare" Coin from Antioch.

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Xodus, Jun 16, 2024.

  1. Xodus

    Xodus Well-Known Member

    Hey CT,

    Please don't laugh at my drawings. Or do, haha. The pictures are bomb crap but I tried to make the best of them.

    It took me a long time to find this, but I finally found one similar:

    However, I don't see that it's been published anywhere. I thought it was a Sestertius because it's quite big at 32.4mm and 24.3g. However, the only similar reverse was Trajan on horseback brandishing a spear at a Dacian warrior.

    Screenshot_5714.jpg Screenshot_5717.jpg

    The COL is the only reason I looked at Antioch.

    The second part was, I had not yet seen a full IVLIA A-VGVSTA coin that is a provincial before. Strange, right? Anyways, I thought you guys might enjoy seeing this. If anyone knows if/where it's been published that would be awesome. Thanks!

    Screenshot_5715.jpg Screenshot_5716.jpg
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  3. GinoLR

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    Roman Provincial Coinage for Septimius Severus and Caracalla is not Online yet. But if it's so rare, you should send them a picture and info for your coin...
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  4. Inspector43

    Inspector43 Celebrating 75 Years Active Collecting Supporter

    Thanks for posting this. I have a similar coin that I have been trying to identify for a long time. Attached is mine. It is 12.79 g and 27 mm. I don't wish to hijack the thread, but help would appreciated.
    Ex Rare Horseman.jpg
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  5. Xodus

    Xodus Well-Known Member

    Just a shot here @Inspector43 -

    It looks similar to this one:

    The horseman doesn't seem to have a spear on yours and the angle of his gallop looks different. But at least this is a start.

    Roman Imperial
    Hadrian Æ Dupondius/ As. Rome, AD 129-130. HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right / COS III P P, Emperor on horseback to right, holding spear; S C in exergue. RIC II.3 1365; C. 495 var. (bust type); BMCRE 1452 note. 9.88g, 28mm, 6h.
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  6. Inspector43

    Inspector43 Celebrating 75 Years Active Collecting Supporter

    Thanks @Xodus I now have a place to start.
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  7. rooman9

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