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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by GoldFinger1969, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. GoldFinger1969

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    I thought a thread highlighting many of the excellent articles in COINWEEK would be useful. If there are other online mags worthy of mention, let's keep them in a separate thread.

    Here's an article from a year ago right as Covid-19 hit between Scott Travers and Charles Morgan. It's very informative to look back and see where they see the hobby.
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  3. potty dollar 1878

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    They are normal modern two euros and are very common.
  4. ili2021

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    If any expert can see and can help me with little information about they, will be biggest help for me, because i dont know nothing about thess, how much costs? How rare are they etc
  5. ili2021

    ili2021 New Member

    But have to many errors of them, stars are not in center, some of them missing map, 6 o them are underweight etc
  6. cpm9ball

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    I realize that you are new to CT, but it is very rude to hijack someone's thread. You should start your own thread.
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    Sorry. I dont know to much. Must i delete the post? If yes just tell me please
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    No! Just start your own thread and post good photos if you can. Some of the members don't take too well to following a link to a video, so it is best if you try to learn how to post photos on your own thread. If you are having trouble, there are plenty of people who will try to help you.
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    Thank you very much for your help. But i have 20 min trying to find the option CREATE NEW THREAD and i am not finding it. And i was thinking, i can just commented on another posts. Anyway. Thank you, have a nice day
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    1) Click on "Forums" at the top-left of the page.
    2) Scroll down and select the appropriate forum...."Chat", "Errors", "US", "Foreign".
    3) Click on the blue box at the top-right of the page to start your own thread.
    4) Give your thread an appropriate title.
    5) Start typing in the box below the title.
    6) Add photos to your thread using "Upload a File".
    7) When you've finished, click on "Create".
    8) Do not click on the "Poll" section. If you do, you can't back out.
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    What were the odds that a focused thread I created would get spammed by someone who just joined CT today ? :D
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  12. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

    Pretty even if you ask me.:rolleyes:.
  13. cpm9ball

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    Look at the bright side! How many pros do you know that have batted a thousand?
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    Can you tell me how to delete my sms here. The people get hungry here.
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    Don't worry about it. @GoldFinger1969 is a pretty good guy.
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    I am new here and i dont know these RULES. I really need to delete everything from here. Can you help me please?
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    Only a moderator can delete them. Don't worry about it!
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  18. derkerlegand

    derkerlegand Well-Known Member

  19. GoldFinger1969

    GoldFinger1969 Supporter! Supporter

    My thoughts on the Walker-Travers article:

    (1) I doubt 140 million were collecting State Quarters. That number seems inflated...that's half the country !!! :wideyed:

    (2) Travers made good points on getting the project mentality instilled in young collectors like with Whitman books and then the State Quarters program.

    (3) Disagree with Walker's focus on dimly-lit coin conventions trying to sell coins that cost as much as cars. The lighting and atmosphere is fine and 99.99% of the coins are not anywhere near as much as a car, even a used car. :D And I was at the FUN 2020 show he referenced and had a BLAST !

    As for Travers points on FUN and other shows: he actually was spot CAN be overwhelming (it was for me at my 1st FUN) when you go to such a huge coin show. But for most people, it won't be the first coin show they ever attended and I don't think the size or number of dealers is the problem in getting even more of the public into the shows and turning some of them into part-time and serious coin collectors.

    I think both guys are a bit too obsessed with the so-called "clutter" of a coin show. Advertise these shows more....explain the history behind the coins (i.e., Saints and European hoards preventing them from being melted, Morgan Dollars and The Old West, etc.)

    (4) Interesting comments on the profitability of generic pre-1933 gold, not only for telemarketers but for dealers. I guess this was only an option when gold was < $1,000 ounce.

    (5) FASCINATING QUOTE: "There’s the question of how many coins are still out there. Some leading experts who are very familiar with overseas quantities have told me that in France, there’s well over 10 million $20 gold pieces, lower Mint State grades, some about uncirculated, but many Mint State coins, nonetheless. If you have 10 million coins, somebody even mentioned to me, there might be 15 million coins. If you have 10 million coins or eight million coins, with this type of an overhang on the market, you have mostly Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle and Liberty Head $20s, you’re going to see for the foreseeable future, very low premiums on these coins."

    Wow....if this is true we should be seeing more information on these mini-hoards. Are there BAGS of Saints/Liberty's coming here or are they drips-and-drabs from individuals who are dying or their heirs who inherited coins that were accumulated in the 1920's through 1950's ? Why no numbers on these overseas Saint/Liberty coins ? I've seen mention of both lately...but no guestimates for the numbers. Imagine if a few dozen of an ultra-rare year/mintmark show up....or even a few coins in super high-grade for a common ?

    For me, I find it hard to believe there could be millions of pre-1933 U.S. gold coins in just one country, even in the whole of Europe. But Roger Burdette's Saints book did talk about theoretical survivors of the FDR coin melt as being potentially in the tens of millions (though I think our numbers on coins destoyed is more reliable than guestimates on survivors outside the U.S.).

    Maybe all these coins are very sticky, hard to free up coins that come out over decades a bit at a time.

    (6) 2 million on the Mint's mailing list 10-15 years ago, but only 200,000 or so today ? Wow....if true.

    (7) "They don’t support online publications like CoinWeek. They don’t support Coin World, Numismatic News, they don’t support our hobby, because they don’t have the funds to do it or the authority."

    That's ridiculous. The Mint should be able to support those publications with a few million dollars of pop-up ads and promotional articles. Idiots.:mad:

    (8) Lack of education of those in the hobby as per Travers was very true. I guess he means on average and not just absolute numbers (in other words, if you had alot more collectors today then the % of those who were knowledgeable might drop as the base expands).

    (9) I have to check out Traver's pieces on billionaires buying coins in COINage Magazine. Agree on low-priced coins and high-end both being's the coins costing $500 - $5,000 that are weak. Or as he said:

    "The coin buyer who has been out of the market for the last decade or more has been– everyone in between. Everyone in between the person buying $100 and the person spending $100,000 or more. So, we don’t have people buying $5,000 coins and $20,000 coins and even $3,000 coins with the same fluidity that we saw 10 or 20 years ago. That’s the market that as an industry and as a hobby, we need to cultivate to have a healthy marketplace and to bring the coin hobby, the science, and the industry back to life."

    (10) Comments on an "inefficient" coin market years ago are spot-on. John Pittman analogies very informative.
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  20. longnine009

    longnine009 Most Exalted Excellency Supporter

    Your on a roll. Give the Powerball a shot tomorrow.
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  21. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

    Very easily could be depending how you define the term. Is it someone who finds a coin they like and keep it or do you have to be consistently actively involved?

    The clutter has never really been the major issue depending on the goal. If the goal is to get people who aren't retired there running long midweek shows. Working people generally aren't going to take off work to go to a show costing them even more money and good luck telling the wife/husband your vacation money is for a coin show.

    The simple fact is that the internet has proved without a doubt (which some of us have been saying for a long time) that shows will be a niche thing overall. You are far more likely to attract someone new that stumbles across something online or in chance or even from bullion that then gets more interested than you are from someone at a show.

    There easily could, are there who knows.

    Probably is, same thing that has happened wide spread and really means nothing.

    They shouldn't give them a single cent. That would be tax payer money for for profit publications. If you need the mint to support you you need to reevaluate your model and make changes.

    Couldn't disagree more. Unfortunately in this hobby which has happened for a long time if that if you do things differently or like different things it's often labeled as uninformed. If anything buyers are now MORE informed with the glut of online information, people just don't like their decisions.
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