Interesting 1967 Lincoln Penny.. Opinions?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by agrace97, Oct 15, 2019.

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    25ABCF02-2324-41D9-91BD-A3A669C977C8.jpeg A9BFFB71-75FB-4571-AE39-73506C9813AC.png 67E345CB-68AD-4C5C-BECE-C21982ECA989.png 4B12D077-8CFE-42B0-AF33-773678831330.png B5116A0E-F978-4C00-9B40-E57461480361.png DF4408F4-B7F6-4219-B503-7CC0FC889CC8.png Hello! I found this 1967 penny that seems interesting because of the different varieties of letter thickness/thinness. The top of the “G” in “God” seems very thick. The “We” is interesting as well because it seems like the bottom of the “W” has some sort of doubling. The bottom of the “E” in “We” has a very pointy bottom. The word “Trust” is also interesting because the thickness varies and the bottom of the “R” has a curvy end. There are other interesting sections of this coin. Am I looking too hard? Let me know what you think of this Penny and if you have any knowledge :)
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