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    physics-fan3.14 You got any more of them.... prooflikes?

    Alright, today I am going to offer an entire beginner's coin collection. One lot takes it all. This would make an *amazing* gift for a beginner, a young numismatist, a grandchild. There is a wide range of stuff here - Flying Eagles, Indians, Wheaties, Liberty nickels, Buffalo nickels, Mercury, Walker, Standing Liberty quarters, some foreign stuff, some modern stuff, some low grade stuff, some high grade stuff! There are some errors and varieties... like I said, a little bit of everything.

    There is a total of 8.3 ounces of silver in this lot. There are 100 coins cataloged, plus a giant pile of wheat cents in addition.

    As an added bonus, I will include a signed copy of my book, "The Art and Science of Grading Coins."

    Please make an offer on this! I have included the full catalog of what is included below. Based on my grade estimates, I think the price-guide value is around $780. I think a more realistic value is probably $500....

    So I will offer this lot at $350. Make me an offer. If there is anything you would like to see closer pictures of, please let me know.

    Shipping will be $10, as this is a huge and heavy collection.

    Total Coins Date Coins in Lot Grade

    Copper and nickel
    1 1857 flying eagle cent F-12
    1 1859 indian cent ag-3, cleaned
    1 1859 indian cent VF-20
    1 1863 indian cent EF details, cleaned
    1 1865 indian cent G-4 details
    11 various indian cent low grade or damaged
    1 1909 Wheat cent, VDB F-12
    1 1909 Wheat cent G-4
    all decades Massive pile of wheat cents various
    5 1959D Lincoln Cent UNC
    1 1962 Lincoln Cent UNC
    1 1963D Lincoln Cent UNC
    1 1864 2 cent, large motto VF-20
    1 1869 nickel 3 cent VG-8
    2 smooth shield nickels FR-2
    2 1891 liberty nickel VG-8
    1 1900 liberty nickel VF-20
    1 1888 liberty nickel AG-3
    1 1906 liberty nickel VF-20
    1 1900 liberty nickel F-12
    7 various liberty nickel low grade
    1 1902 liberty nickel F-12
    2 1905 liberty nickel VG-8
    1 1893 liberty nickel AG-3
    1 1907 liberty nickel VG-8
    1 1913 buffalo nickel, Type I AU-55
    1 1913D buffalo nickel, Type I AG-3
    1 1937 buffalo nickel F-12
    1 1919 buffalo nickel G-4
    5 2016D Roosevelt Dime Gem
    1 1979P Susan B Anthony, Wide Rim AU-55

    1 1942S Jefferson War Nickel MS-64
    1 1858 liberty seated dime G-4
    1 1872 liberty seated dime AG-03
    1 1919 Canadian dime F
    1 1941S Mercury Dime average circulated
    1 1943 Mercury Dime average circulated
    1 1944 Mercury Dime average circulated
    1 1953D Roosevelt Dime average circulated
    2 1963D Roosevelt Dime average circulated
    1 1904 barber quarter G-4
    1 1915 barber quarter VG-8
    2 dateless standing liberty quarter
    1 1925 standing liberty quarter VG-8
    1 1944 Canadian quarter VG
    1 1936D Washington Quarter AG-03
    1 1943S Washington Quarter AG-03
    1 1954 Washington Quarter average circulated
    1 1957D Washington Quarter average circulated
    1 1962 Washington Quarter MS-64
    2 1893 Columbian half VG-F
    2 1940 Walking liberty half VF-EF
    1 1939 Walking liberty half AU-50
    1 1957 Franklin Half average circulated
    1 1959 Franklin Half MS-64
    1 1922 Peace Dollar MS-63
    1 1922D Peace Dollar VF-20
    1 1967 Canada dollar AU-50
    1 1986 Statue of Liberty commem dollar in OGP Proof

    Errors and Varieties
    1 1940 Wheat cent, extensive laminations
    1 1950S Wheat Cent, small lamination
    1 1957D Wheat Cent, DDO WDDO-002
    1 1973 Lincoln Cent, misaligned die
    1 1999P Jefferson nickel, die deterioration doubling
    1 1993P Roosevelt Dime, clashing on reverse
    1 1977D Washington quarter, cud on obverse
    1 1981P Washington quarter, misaligned die
    1 1989P Washington quarter, misaligned die
    1 2003P Alabama State Quarter, Cud on reverse
    1 2007P John Adams dollar, extra letter on edge

    IMG_3450.JPG IMG_3436.JPG IMG_3422.JPG IMG_3445.JPG IMG_3433.JPG IMG_3456.JPG IMG_1738.JPG IMG_1752.JPG IMG_1754.JPG IMG_1748.JPG
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