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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by National dealer, Mar 28, 2004.

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    no but will starting nor rthank you, was just being polite
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    Sweet...this is an incredible resource with such a wide variety of quality links.
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    Earlier I requested a link to educational and numismatic info sites. So as to assist others. Why not put this thread in or on the top menu bar, between FORUMS and COMPETITIONS??? Otherwise, new members may not enjoy searching the site for such important information. We do need more interested members, yes?! So lets hand it to them clearly and easy to find.
    Gary in Washington

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Gary, if you'll look at when this thread started - it was in 2004. And because it was already getting crowded then, in 2006 I went way beyond what you're suggesting. I built an entire forum section dedicated to nothing but links to informational websites -

    Numismatic Resources - this is where you'll see it on the Index page -


    Links to all kinds of informational websites is the only thing you'll find in that entire section. And members are free to add additional links to existing thread categories in that section.
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    I am satiated, impressed, thank you, and I hope you have a safe and quiet new year!
    Gary in Washington
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    How do I change my username?
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    How can i post coin???
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    On your own thread please .
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