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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by National dealer, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. Wheeler

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    Sorry everyone..... I have been watching CoinTalk for a while and just posted my first post today. Well it is yesterday now and was 3 post....... I still have some more on different web sites if anyone wants me to post them. I have a list of dealers and ebay sellers that myself and quite a few people on R.C.C. has bought from and had great prices and very fast shipping. Roscoe
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    Keep on posting! This is great stuff.
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  5. rggoodie

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    Australian Mints

    These are the sites for the Royal Australian Mint Canberra,A.C.T.
    thats Australian Capital Territory for those who are not familiar with it, - it is similar to Wahsington D.C. it is the site of the Australian Government.

    The second site is the Perth Mint in Perth Australia, some beautiful coins come from here.

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  6. the_highlander

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  12. Pinchas BarZeev

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    Israel trade coins & banknotes

    The Bank of Israel has recently revamped its online catalogue of Israel's trade coinage and paper money from 1948 until present:
    It doesn't list varieties, such as metal varieties, reeding varieties etc., but it's still the best biblical numismatic history tour in town.
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  13. antidote

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  15. nekhbet

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    Here is a website I built to help people like us : edited , hopefully it will receive some help from the members of this forum too.
    Best regards
  16. Mahesh

    Mahesh Good to be here..........

    Hey Buddy, thanks for sharing such exhaustive links... Its good to be part of coin talk.... Thanks again..
  17. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Outstanding links!! Thanks they will be useful ;)
  18. AEvelyn

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    Are circulated indian head pennies worth anything?
  19. KenRingold

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    Dealer nice job an helpfull, wheeler well done too Thank you both as to that posted. All have a nice dat an try to wish the snow away....please... :)
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    I don't think dealer will see your message. He hasn't posted here since 2005, 9 years ago. In fact I think there are only 3 CT members in this whole thread that are still around. Did you look at the age of it?
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