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  1. National dealer

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    Here are some of the most helpful links that I know of. Please add any that can help collectors. We could use a good retail price guide.


    US Mint


    American Numismatic Society

    Bureau of Engraving

    Royal Canadian Mint

    British Royal Mint

    Austrian Mint

    American Medallic Sculpture Association (AMSA):

    Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America (CONECA):

    Coin Shows

    ANA Coin Clubs

    ANA Sites of Interest

    The Coin Dealers Newsletter (GreySheet)

    Coinage Magazine





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  3. sylvester

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    For British stuff here is the definative site...

    (includes a section with a price guide for milled coins, both Early and Late).
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  4. cmbdii

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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Hey ND - you mentioned an interest in ancients. You can start here -

    The gentleman who built that site knows more about them than anyone I personally know. He is also a WINS member - so it will be quite easy for you to contact him and talk about them ;)
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  6. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

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  9. mhinchley

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    All kinds of information, supplies, websites, coin values, etc, can be found within Not only that, if you have a coin website, be it informative, buying/selling of coinage or supplies, you can get some free advertisement by listing your site in one of the webrings, or many of them. All you have to do is post a banner for the webring on the site page you wish to link to. Fair enough. I recently took on a webmaster position of this one: Look around through all of them. You can spend hours in there.
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  10. National dealer

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  11. Jess

    Jess Senior Member

    Here is one I use all the time, you only have to join if you want to look up proof and uncirculated coins; a2J jess
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  12. National dealer

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  13. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    Recommended reading:

    A guide book of United States Coins. (red book)

    Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of US and Colonial Coins.

    Any book written by Q. David Bowers or Scott Travers.
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  14. Andrew

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  15. bromac4

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  16. satootoko

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  17. joecoin

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  18. toga67

    toga67 New Member

    Canadian mint link

    Saw in the paper an ad from these guys about a new quarter bieng launched today. Odd site they're using to promote it. Don't know what you all think?
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  19. Wheeler

    Wheeler Junior Member

    Web Sites of Interest

    **** Web Sites of Interest (Part 1) ****

    African coins information
    African Tokens

    Ancient Coins
    Search auction and sale results of ancient coins


    Australian coins
    Australian Definition of Coin Grading

    Coins and history of Asia

    Belgium, Switzerland, Flanders and Brabant minted under Albrecht and Isabella (1598-1621)

    Canadian sites
    Canadian Paper Money FAQ
    Canadian coin prices

    Dutch royal mint:

    The Euro
    *NOTE* Two problems here. There is no "official" site
    that lists all the euro coins since the collectors pieces
    are country specific. [Contrary to the circulating coins,
    they are legal tender in the issuing country only.] Then
    we have the language obstacle.
    Where to buy Euros at


    German Inflationary Notgeld 1922-1923
    German language coin forums

    British India
    Banknotes of India

    Island of Jersey

    Israel Error Coins

    New Zealand

    U.K. Coins
    UK coins newsgroup

    USA Coins

    World Coins
    World Errors

    World Bank Notes.
    Banknotes of India

    Check out the "seller's" listed under the auction links at Chrysta's site:

    Coin Grading, Coin News, Forums and more...
    A new community dedicated to world coins
    *you have to register to use this website*

    Variety Slabbing Service
    Attribution and slabbing of Morgan and Peace dollar varieties. Owned and operated by, John Baumgart.
    He does NOT grade coins. You need to check him out!

    A website where you can enter an eBay ID and get a list of all the negs and neutrals:
    Thanks to Scot Kamins for this.

    1970 Mint Set Variations How to tell the difference

    If you find any links that does not work, or you have a
    link that you would like to have added to this list, email me at:
    Wheeler2000 AT
    Thanks: Roscoe
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  20. Wheeler

    Wheeler Junior Member

    Web Sites of Interest

    ***Web Sites of Interest (Part 2)***

    Money Meanderings
    An Introduction to Numismatics, By Michael Metras
    All you wanted to know about the Jefferson Nickel

    The starting place if you are new to coins.
    Special Thanks to Alison K for these.

    COINS FOR SALE (Michael Cline)
    Toned Morgan Dollars for Sale:
    At ebay, do a seller search for the name " kwtynes50 "
    At ebay, do a seller search for the name " seylevel "
    At ebay, do a seller search for the name " "
    Also check out the seller's here under the auction links
    and sellers:

    Coins with animals on them.

    World Mints, Reserve and Central Banks

    Coin Supplies

    Where to get your books at

    A good place to get a price on coins --- You need an account, but
    it's free. --- Online guide fair market
    value. --- Calls theirs average retail.


    Where to post your pictures at

    Coin Grading, Coin News, Forums and more.

    Internet Radio about coins

    Television on the internet about coins
    (This is a vision of what's to come for the ANA. The channel
    broadcasts Numismatic Theater Presentations, candidate's platforms
    and other programs of interest to collectors. It's not the clearest,
    but at the moment it's the best we have. (thanks to Answerman2)

    Information on USA Coins
    Bogus: Counterfeit Coins:

    Bust coins

    Coin Collecting: Consumer Guide:

    Coin Production Figures for the U.S.A.

    Error Coins

    Gold Coins Specialist

    Dating Coins from the reverse

    Grading Morgan dollars

    Morgan and Peace dollar varieties.

    Attribution and Slabbing of Morgan and Peace dollar varieties.
    He does not grade the coins and a nice way to protect them.

    Info of almost all 'D' gold

    Rare Coins

    Large and Small Date Cents

    U.S. Mint Errors

    VAM help

    Some of my favorites.
    If you are an rcc'er and have a favorite coin... post it right here,
    John will not mind. Just ask him!
    This site is a very good idea and under-utilized, IMO.
    (Thanks Stu for pointing this out.)

    Metal Detector Finds and post your own.
    This guy hunts down coins with his metal detector in his spare
    time. If you are out with your detector and find some coins, then
    post them here for everyone to see.

    How about a coin design web page?
    Thanks to D Carr, we now have one.


    Token and Medal Society (TAMS)

    Conder Tokens

    Some good idle reading: (main site, English/German)

    Bust Coin Trading Circle Articles

    Does olive oil really help with corroded coins? By
    Robert Shaw

    Standard International Coin Grading Terminology

    Coin Discussion Groups

    Dutch language forum (mostly for BE and NL)

    (euroswapper is multilingual but mostly English)


    (Thanks Christian, he gave me most of these)

    Coin Market Slang

    In html text format
    In text format at

    If you find any links that does not work, or you have a
    link that you would like to have added to this list, then email me at:
    Wheeler2000 AT
    Thanks: Roscoe
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  21. Wheeler

    Wheeler Junior Member

    Web Sites

    I just posted some that I post on R.C.C. I hope that you can find some that you can use.
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