WTS: inexpensive ancients. Late and very late Byzantine.

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    My "inexpensive $5-$15: page of ancient coins has been very popular. I have sold many and keep adding more. Today I added one and reduced the prices on all the remaining coins:


    If you want inexpensive coins for yourself or a friend, that is a good page to visit.

    If you like better coins, I added 10 Byzantine AE coins today (and another dozen recently), some with types not on vcoins and the rest priced well below any of their quality on vcoins. If you like Byzantine AE, they are worth a look.


    Coins include Theodore I of Nicaea, Class G anonymous, Constantine VII, Andronicus III, Isaac I, Justinian, etc.





    Descriptions and (low) prices are on that page:


    Also, shipping costs are given near the top of that page.

    Thanks for looking.

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