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    Yesterday I added some $5-$15 ancient coins to my page:
    and today I added five more.
    Shipping is $2 in the US no matter how many you order from this page.
    They include Greek AE and widow's mites. I lowered almost all the prices of the rest.

    On the main page I added a couple of oddities. One is a halved AE31 of Chios, Ionia and the other a "shipping tessera" identified by Clive Stannard, the expert on small change at Rome.

    Recently I added a few Byzantine AE:

    and some attractive coins of the tetrarchies:
    including a FIL AVGG piece of Maximinus II and some other beautiful coins of Licinius and Maximinus II.

    Also, I added two better widow's mites on the Greek page and recently added a Tarentum boy-on-dolphin stater.

    For many more details, including attributions and shipping costs in the US and abroad, see the site.

    Theodosius AE4. [$9]

    Maximinus II [$35] Lovely!

    Maximius II as FIL AVGG [$65] Unusual imperial title.


    Taras (Tarentum) stater [$265] Beautiful Greek artwork.

    Valentinian II, galley [$35] The ship of state! on near the top.

    There are many more coins on the site. Take a look!

    The site has many good books and sale catalogs, too. Reading matter for while you "shelter in place"!

    Contact me using the e-mail address on the site.
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