Indian Cent key dates and condition

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by scott.french3, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. scott.french3

    scott.french3 Active Member

    I'm having some difficulty finding quality examples in XF or AU for certain key dates. So, I'm considering also looking for VF35 examples to broaden the available coins. I was able to find a nice quality VF35 for 1877. Thinking of doing the same for other key dates.

    Of course, waiting to find that problem free XF or AU coin to come along may be a better approach.

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  3. beef1020

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    TONYBRONX Well-Known Member

    Steep but beauties!
  5. scott.french3

    scott.french3 Active Member

    Locating quality examples in xf40 or xf45. Going up into AU and they tend to be better quality as expected but get pricey per my budget.
  6. beef1020

    beef1020 Junior Member

  7. kanga

    kanga 60 Year Collector

    Angel Dee's specializes in small cents.
    That's where I completed my FE and IHC set.
    They pretty much stick to MS coins.
  8. scott.french3

    scott.french3 Active Member

    I'm familiar with Rick Snow, Angel Dee and The Penny Lady. I posted wants with them. I've also been perusing Ebay, CollectorsCorner, Heritage Auctions and a few other places. I've actually bought from all three dealers above for various coins. I found one of the key dates by checking ebay and then seeing if the ebay seller had their own website to compare prices. Saved some money buying from the dealer's website vs ebay. I should have jumped on a Heritage auction for a certain date. Could have had a good savings over dealers. Will keep that in mind for the future. I just hate paying sales tax on top of the buyer's premium.
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  9. scott.french3

    scott.french3 Active Member

    I have 1866-72, 1876, 1877, 1908-S and 1909-S covered. Yay
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  10. kanga

    kanga 60 Year Collector

    I've got a full MS set of FE's and IHC's thanks to Angel Dee's. That does NOT include any of the Red Book listed errors.
  11. beef1020

    beef1020 Junior Member

    Sounds like you are well on your way!!! Congrats and good luck.
  12. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    But if you still get it cheaper than a dealer it is worth it. :) Just figure it into your bid price. :) And for a quality VF35 to XF45 a little extra may not hurt. Before I sold most of my IHC's, it took me a long time to find a coin graded and priced like I wanted for the 1877. To me a lot of the VF's were really F in my mind.
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