Featured Inadvertent date set--Japan 10 sen Aluminum Bronze 1938-1940

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by The Eidolon, May 9, 2021.

  1. The Eidolon

    The Eidolon Well-Known Member

    Every time I see one of these, I forget I have one, so over the years I seem to have managed to acquire a complete set of these. It's only 3 years, so it's not much of an achievement. The Showa 15 (1940) seems to be the least common of the three.
    rev.jpg ob.jpg
    I have kind of a 10 sen coin addiction. Every time I see one in a junk bin I can't help picking one up. I probably have ~200 by now for a grand total of a little over $20.

    It would be nice to complete a base metal 10 yen date set from Taisho 9 (1920) to Showa 21 (1946). Here's what a random distribution has gotten me so far:
    Taisho Copper-Nickel: Taisho 9-15 = 1920-26
    I have all but Taisho 13, which wasn't minted. (Please ignore that I accidentally put another year 11 where 15 should be. I do have a 15 also.)

    Showa Copper-Nickel: Showa 2-7 = 1927-1932
    I have 2, 3 and 7. 5 Doesn't exist, so I need years 4 and 6, which are quite a bit smaller mintages. Showa 6 is the hardest date of these.

    Showa Nickel: Showa 8-12 = 1933-1937
    I have all but year 8. Year 8 is the smallest mintage by quite a bit, but looks findable.

    Showa Aluminum-Bronze: Showa 13-15 = 1938-1940
    3 for 3!

    Showa Aluminum: Showa 15-18 = 1940-1943
    There was a weight and thickness reduction on Showa 16 from 1.5 to 1.2 g. I think I have both types from that year, so I have the full set.

    Showa Tin-Zinc: Single year type, Showa 19 = 1944
    I have this one. It's plentiful but ugly.

    Showa Aluminum (post-war type): Showa 20-21 = 1945-1946
    I only have Showa 46 (1946) but 1945 is not scarce.

    There are also several types of red and white porcelain ones from 1945, none of which have I seen in person. I do have a red porcelain 1 sen, but it's cracked.

    Anyway, if you like 10 sen coins, please post one!
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  3. The Eidolon

    The Eidolon Well-Known Member

    The rest of my 10 sen collection: Silvers were made from Meiji 3 (1870) to Taisho 6 (1917). Meiji 34 and 35 are scarce dates which cost hundreds of dollars. Year 13 costs thousands and supposedly only had 77 pieces minted.

    Most cost me about $5 packaged. If I'm lucky, sometimes I can find one in a foreign silver bin for melt value.
    Packaged: Meiji 27, 28, 30 (x2), 43
    Loose: Year 10, 28, 32, 33
    Looks like Year 10 is a scarcer date--I should put it in a flip.
    None of the Taisho silver 10 sen are particularly scarce, but for some reason I don't have a single one.
    silver 10 sen.jpg
  4. Stork

    Stork I deliver Supporter

    This is how it starts! First a type set, then date runs, then the obsession really takes off! Personally I never met a 50 sen double phoenix I didn't want but the 10 sen is fun series.

    One of my favorites. It was supposed to go into my Japan Type Dansco but it became one of many I just couldn't bear to crack.
    10 sen S02 combo smaller.jpg

    And I like this one...not much off center but still fun. Any significant off centers go for crazy bids in some of the Japanese auctions. Check you hoard!
    combo copy.jpg
  5. Rushmore

    Rushmore Coin Addict

    I have several Japan 10 sen here are a couple of them 1927-28. 20210510_220327.jpg 20210510_220335.jpg 20210510_220327.jpg 20210510_220335.jpg 20210510_220327.jpg 20210510_220335.jpg
  6. Evan Saltis

    Evan Saltis #CoinUp Supporter

    Those are cool. I don’t have any but my junk bin addiction is Swiss 10 and 20 rappen. So I understand!

    Nice collection of those you have. We all have our little quirks, don’t we?
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  7. iPen

    iPen Well-Known Member

    At a distance, this one looks like perlage!

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  8. gxseries

    gxseries Coin Collector

    You got me looking for what I have. Turns out I don't have many nice examples of 10 sen of this era

    1922 10 sen

    1936 10 sen

    1939 10 sen

    1943 10 sen

    1944 10 sen

    1945 10 sen - looks proof like
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  9. The Eidolon

    The Eidolon Well-Known Member

    How's this one? Looks like the hole is touching the edge of the circle pointing in the upward direction. A lot of these Taisho-Era 10 sen look like the hole is slightly off-center, if it's not my imagination. But this was the most obvious example.
    ob.jpg rev.jpg
  10. The Eidolon

    The Eidolon Well-Known Member

    The evolution of the Aluminum 10 sen:
    This series went from Showa 15 (1940) to Showa 18 (1943). There were two weight reductions along the way, from 1.5 g (year 15-16) to 1.2 g (year 16-18) to 1.0 g (year 18 only). The diameter remained at 22 mm, but you can feel the weight difference in hand (barely) as the thickness was reduced. I took an edge-on photo in an attempt to capture the thickness variation.
    L: Showa 16, 1.5 g C: Showa 16, 1.2 g L: Showa 18, 1.0 g
    Al 10 sen 3.jpg
  11. The Eidolon

    The Eidolon Well-Known Member

    And the binder pages in which I am trying to organize them:
    Back when the 10 sen coins were all in a loose pile, I didn't really care which dates were in there. But now that I've tried to organize them, I feel compelled to try to fill in the gaps. For the base-metal 10 sen (Taisho 9 to Showa 21 = 1920 to 1946) I am missing a few dates and types:
    Showa 4, 6 copper-nickel
    Showa 8 nickel
    Showa 18 aluminum, 1.2 g type. I have the 1.0 g type.
    Showa 20 various ceramic types
    Showa 20 post-war aluminum. I only have the Showa 21 of this type.

    Time to start hunting!
    binder 10 sen.jpg
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  12. Stork

    Stork I deliver Supporter

    Definitely off center, but I think the real 'money' ones in the Japanese auctions are more than 25% off center. This is my best and is still not quite what I see getting the big bids.

    combo error 50 yen.jpg

    And the more modern the more desirable...quality control is such that it's just not that common to get something leaving the mint with a big error.

    Here is a crazy double hole punched error...and you can see the price range it went for! https://en.auction-world.co/xpai/lot_24-319.html
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