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    Many of my coins have it. They are afraid that they’ll be found out to be fakes and phonies. Well, they aren’t fakes (I hope...), but many of them are phonies. I’ve come to realize I have a soft spot for imitations. I often discover a coin imitating another design and think “cool - I’ll grab this one, and eventual buy one of the originals to have a neat little pair.” And then I never buy the original.

    So here are my imposters - please pile on with your own!
    Anonymous 5th C. A.D.
    AE Naimana Type, 13.12mm x 0.7 grams
    Obv.: Bust right, with dots representing legend
    Rev.: Cross within wreath
    Ref.: (Mitchiner #5171)
    Note: An imitation of Roman coinage

    Med-01-Car-900-Anon-D-XX.jpg Early Medieval - Carolingian Imitation
    Viking / East Francia?, 10th c. (900-920s)
    AR Denier, 20.92 mm x 0.9 grams
    Obv.: Blundered legends surrounding Degenerate CAROLVS monogram
    Rev.: Nonsense legend surrounding cross pattee. Perhaps imitating an issue of Curtisasonien
    Ref.: Moesgaard, ‘A Survey of Coin Production and Currency in Normandy,’ 99-109
    Ex. Todd Hansen Collection, purchased from Superior Stamp and Coin
    Note: Imitating a GDR (Gratia Dei Rex) denier of Charles the Bald (but likely an immobilized issue of Charles the Simple)

    Early Medieval - Carolingian Normandy
    Anonymous (Viking/Rollo-William Longsword), 10th c. (920s)
    AR Denier, 16mm x 0.57 grams
    Obv.: Counterclockwise legend +DOVVICVSIMP around small cross
    Rev.: Clockwise legend XRISTIANA REL around temple
    Note: Imitation of a Louis the Pious denier

    Med-02-GOsn-1236-Konrad I-Pf-1837v.jpg
    HRE - Osnabrück
    Bishop Konrad I von Velber, r. 1227-1239 (1236-39)
    AR Pfenning, 17.71 mm x 1 gram
    Obv.: SANCT' PE[T']. Head of St. Peter facing holding key
    Rev.: +CON[RAD]VS EPC'. Voided short cross with quatrefoil in each angle
    Ref.: De Wit 1837 variety, (Kennepohl 51)
    Note: Imitation of Short Cross Sterling. Supposedly of Henry III

    Med-10-S-1000-English Imitation-D-XX.jpg
    Scandinavia (?)
    English Imitation, 11th c.
    AR Penny, 17.53 mm x 1.7 grams
    Obv.: Bust right, scepter right, imitating Æthelred II ‘Crux’ type
    Rev.: Short cross pattée, imitating Æthelred II Short Cross type

    Med-11-Bul-1340- Ivan Alexander-G-Trnovo-9-1-2.jpg
    Ivan Alexander, r. 1331-1371 (1340-1365)
    Trnovo mint, AR Groši, 19.63 mm x 1.1 grams
    Obv.: Christ standing in front of throne, both hands raised in benediction. IC - XC on either side of head. Monograms for Alexander and Tsar on either side of his body above the throne
    Rev.: Ivan Alexander left and son Michael Asen right wearing stemma & holding cross scepters. Long staff between topped with a banner. Monograms for ‘Alexander’ and ‘Tsar’ on either side at top, and monograms for ‘pious’ and ‘Michael’ in the fields
    Ref.: MSCB Bulgaria 9.1.2; De Wit 3905 (as Asen I)
    Ex. Harlan J. Berk
    Note: Type B or C clipped to fit the weight of Type D (but in surprisingly good condition, as if uncirculated). Imitative of a Venetian Grosso

    Med-13-IRom-1100-Senate-D-4733.jpg Italy - Rome
    Roman Senate, c. 12-13th C.
    AR Denier, 17.26 mm x 0.9 grams
    Obv.: [RO]M[A CAPVT] MV[N]. Legend beginning at 3hr. Comb center, S above with sun to left and moon to right
    Rev.: [SENATVS . P.O.R.]. Cross patee, 1st q. moon, 2nd q. pellet, 3rd q. star, 4th q. V
    Ref.: Roberts 4733 Variety
    Note: Imitative of Champagne

    Med-14-INAp-1085-Roger Borsa-Fol-xx.jpg
    Norman Italy - Apulia
    temp. Roger Borsa, r. 1085-1111
    AE Follis, 19.08 mm x 2.2 grams
    Obv.: Bust of Christ facing, cross behind, wearing pallium and Colvin , raising right hand in benediction, Gospels in left, crescent above, IC - XC flanking
    Rev.: Cross with globule and two pellets at each extremity, large crescent below, four globules around each surrounded by pellets
    Note: Imitative of a Byzantine Anonymous Follis, Class J. Found in Southern Italy. It cannot be earlier than 1081, but my attribution to Roger Borsa in Apulia is due to coins of a similar weight and size from this time and region

    Med-19a-ZS-1146-Nur al-Din Mahmud-Fal-Halab-1850.jpg
    Zangid of Syria
    Nur al-Din Mahmud, r. 541-569 AH (1146-1174)
    Halab (Aleppo) Mint, AE Fals, 24.91 mm x 4.4 grams
    Obv.: Two Byzantine style figures holding labarum between, name and titles of Nur al-Din Mahmud, and blundered Greek legends in field
    Rev.: Christ standing facing, holding gospels, titles of Nur al-Din Mahmud, and blundered Greek legends in field
    Ref.: Album 1850 (S/S.73. M.1132.)
    Note: Imitative of a Byzantine issue of Constantine X (SBCV 1853)
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  3. seth77

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    - Scordisci, Sirmium "tetradrachm" from around 100BC, emulating a Macedonian blueprint, likely Philip II

    AR23mm billon 7.33g
    Dembski 1113 or similar

    - Local radiate, Gaul or Britain, with a cross reverse, possibly 5th century(?) after late 3rd century radiates

    AE15mm 2.13g

    - "Spanish maiorina" from around 400, copying the maiorinae of Magnus Maximus that were particularly appreciated in pre-Visigothic Hispania

    AE19x18mm 2.72g
    similar to this

    - Local maiorina of Cherson, ca. 426/437, after the Eastern maiorinae of the 380s

    AE21x18mm 4.16g
    RIC X 460 for Theodosius II

    - Guillaume Talvas de Belleme as Count of Ponthieu, denier parisis copying the royal parisis of Philippe II Augustus, ca. 1191-1220

    AR21mm 0.55g
    Boudeau 1928, Poey d'Avant #6703 from Tresor de Gisors (1970)

    - Latin Empire of Constantinople, early period possibly the 1210s, emulating an earlier trachy of Manuel Komnenos

    type B.JPG
    AE25x22 3g mid module trachy
    Type B

    - Morea, Epirus, Neopatras, Thracia or Albania, copper imitation from possibly the 1320s, after the denier tournois of Frankish Greece

    AE18mm 0.80g

    - Gothia/Theodoro-Mangup or Genoese interests in the Crimea, after the follaro/pul of Jani Beg of the Golden Horde, ca. late 14th century

    AE22x21mm 2.84g
    unrecorded, from Gothia/Theodoro
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  4. Marsyas Mike

    Marsyas Mike Well-Known Member

    A Celtic imitation of a Roman Republican denarius:
    RR - Danubian Celts Denarius (0).jpg

    Geto-Dacian (?) Imitation Roman Republic Denarius
    L. Papius (c. 79 B.C.)
    Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat's skin; symbol behind (upside-down cauldron?) / Gryphon springing right; symbol below (knife?).
    Sim. Crawford 384/1 (for symbols, see Plate LXVI 105); Papia 1.
    (4.37 grams / 18 mm)

    Here's the Roman Republican template:

    RR L PAPIVS Griffith Mar 2019 (0a).jpg

    Republic Denarius
    L. Papius
    (79 B.C.) Rome Mint
    Trade Guild: Carpenters

    Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat's skin; chisel behind / L PAPI in ex. Gryphon springing right; hammer below.
    Crawford 384/1, type 30; Sydenham 773; Papia 1.
    (3.60 grams / 17 mm)

  5. Edessa

    Edessa Supporter! Supporter

    Celtic Tribes. Illyria, Dyrrhachion imitation. Circa 1st century BC. AR Drachm (19mm, 3.41g). Obv: Cow standing right with suckling calf; garbled legend above. Rev: Double stellate pattern; garbled legend around. Ref: Prototype cf. Hoover HGC 3, 40.

  6. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    This is my favorite barbaric imitation, of Constans.

    Constans RIC VIII 118.JPG

    Constans Barbaric.JPG

    Although the second example looks similar to examples from Arles, the strange lettering and "odd" artistic features makes me believe this is barbaric. @dougsmit first brought it up that it wasn't likely an official product.
    I love it. The large flan and full beading is awesome.
  7. Orange Julius

    Orange Julius Well-Known Member

    Here's an imitation of a Licinius II IOVI CONSERVATIORI CAESS coin (RIC 11) from Cyzicus that I like. Mint mark SMK as the original was marked.
  8. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    That’s really nice. The effort is laudable and the effect is really great!
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  9. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    Imitation of a two Victories type:

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