import restrictions for U.S.A collectors Please comment.

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    I wanted to share this pertinent email from Wayne Sayles with is quite important.

    Any collector with an interest in Roman coins should be and probably is already aware that the U.S. State department is about to consider extending import restrictions to a much wider range of types and dates that would essentially end most of the current trade between Europe and the U.S. The window for comment was initally set for July 8, 2020. For some mysterious reason, on the date of the deadline it was suddenly changed to July 14, 2020. Having become a cynic in these matters, I personally would guess that there might be a movement afoot to "round up" a last minute surge of support for such restrictions. It would clearly be in our best interests to counter any risk of that happening by urging all of our respective customers to voice their personal opinions at

    by clicking on the "Comment Now" link. It's very easy and the comment does not need to be lengthy or formal. For anyone who needs to know more about the nature of these restrictions, see Peter Tompa's blog at .

    Regards to all,

    Wayne G. Sayles
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