I'm sure this question gets old and asked all the time identify if thi

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by BlondeWhit, Apr 17, 2024.

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    I'm sure this question gets old and asked all the time look at someone please help me identify if this is a true doubled die, or just machine doubling? I'm still learning if anyone could maybe help I would greatly appreciate it! I'm definitely not getting my hopes up though it just looked a lot weird than almost any other one I've seen and I couldn't not ask lol.
    Also I am the absolute worst when it comes to CM240417-043049014.jpg CM240417-042945013.jpg CM240417-043049014.jpg CM240417-042945013.jpg CM240417-042812012.jpg CM240417-042606011.jpg CM240417-042314010.jpg CM240417-041533004.jpg CM240417-041606005.jpg trying to decide between machine doubling or if it's a genuine double die.
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  3. Bill in Burl

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    Well, your penny has led a tough life, either with lots of pocket change, sidewalks, or streets. I see little doubling from the photos, and if there is, is die deterioration doubling, in my opinion, and certainly not a doubled die.
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    1969 are known for die Deterioration Doubling.
    Worthless doubling.
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