I'm never going to buy .9999 Canadian Silver again.

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Lasers, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. chris.719

    chris.719 New Member

    The thing with these coins is they are made as bullion not numismatics, they come in tubes one on top of the other so very easy to scratch just by taking them out.
    It's no big deal in my opinion. The RCM makes perfect numismatic coins that come individually sealed but they cost a lot more.
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  3. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    You are of course correct. But Britannia, Somali and others come originally in a sealed plastic pouch and the plastic takes most of the hit rather than the coin. The RCM bullion seems to be covered in milk spots and not of the highest quality.
  4. CopperCastle

    CopperCastle Penny for your Thoughts

    All circulation issue (business) strikes come in rolls. By your definition only proof issues are numismatic? Any coin that enjoys a legal tender status (a fixed dollar denomination attached to the coin) is a numismatic coin. The fact that the intrinsic metal value exceeds the face value is of no consequence. The 1995 W Eagle has been recorded commanding as much as $26,000 at auction...a smidge over the "bullion" value of $18.
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  5. chris.719

    chris.719 New Member

    I understand what you're saying, i'm not saying people don't buy them as collector coins, i do too but what i was trying to say is the RCM makes them as bullion coins, they come in tubes one on top of the other and they are sold cheap over spot when they come out. The RCM makes real numismatics but they sell for a lot more too.
    It's normal some are not perfect.
  6. chris.719

    chris.719 New Member

    I've never had Britanias but my Somali Elephants come in plastic unsealed tubes same as the Canadian coins. But they were almost all perfect coming out of the tube not like the Maples. It's hard to find perfect coins in most of the canadian tubes i've opened. What i like about them compared with the others is that they are more pure 9999. When buying for the silver not for collecting i prefer the Canadians.
  7. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    Sorry, the Rwanda silver rather than Somali. My mistake.
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