I'll take it, flan crack and all!

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Roman Collector, May 28, 2020.

  1. Roman Collector

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    This one is a new acquisition and I'm quite pleased with it. I like it, not despite its squarish flan, flan crack, and encrustations, but because of these characteristics. I think it fits @dougsmit 's notion of a wabi sabi coin. That's what makes it ancient!

    Szaivert, following the work of Fittschen, assigns this coin to the period of AD 161-165. Fittschen has suggested that this issue possibly refers to the birth of M. Annius Verus in AD 162, but this is by no means certain.

    Post your "wabi sabi" coins, bronzes of Faustina II, or anything you feel is relevant!

    Faustina Jr LAETITIA S C standing sestertius.jpg
    Faustina II, AD 147-175.
    Roman orichalcum sestertius, 24.87 g, 32.5 mm, 11 h.
    Rome, AD 161-165.
    Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, draped bust of Faustina II, right, with a double strand of pearls in the hair.
    Rev: LAETITIA S C, Laetitia standing facing, head left, holding wreath in right hand and vertical scepter in left hand.
    Refs: RIC 1654; BMCRE 924-27; Cohen 149; RCV 5279; MIR 21.


    Fittschen, Klaus, “Die Bildnistypen der Faustina Minor und die Fecunditas Augustae,” Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Göttingen, Philologisch-historische Klasse, 3rd Series, no.126, Göttingen, 1982.

    Szaivert, Wolfgang, Die Münzprägung der Kaiser Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus und Commodus (161/192), Moneta Imperii Romani 18. Vienna, 1989.
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  3. Andres2

    Andres2 Well-Known Member

    I think it has a lovely portrait , congrats Roman.

    Only have 2 Sestertii of Faustina II :

    P1180352ccnbv (2).jpg
    P1180352ccnbv (7).jpg
  4. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Khnum-Hotep

  5. PeteB

    PeteB Well-Known Member

    Your denarius is of Faustina I (Senior).
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  6. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    Some coins are born 'beautiful' (Wabi Sabi in a good sense);
    others grow beautiful;
    still others have it thrust upon them.
  7. Edessa

    Edessa Active Member

    This one. Of course, it is only a BM Electrotype by Robert Ready. But the fact that the test cut was placed to blind Athena makes it a "wabi sabi" coin. Greek_Athens_BritishMuseumElectrotype_Dekadrachm_Beach0394.jpg
  8. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    FC93D15E-3DA2-482B-8FDB-7215960AF578.jpeg 4F2B8431-0723-4426-BBA9-C537BBEECA14.jpeg

    I have these two dry, crackpot siliquae that I’m quite fond of. Especially Constans with a large flan is a beautiful coin. I’m afraid they will break, but if it happens, I want to repair them with gold, Wabi Sabi style.
  9. PeteB

    PeteB Well-Known Member

    Terrific photography....as usual...Doug. it's as if I can reach out and touch them.
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  10. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member

    ..rose are red, violets are blue...don't just get Faustina, get Fautina ll....:D Faustina jr. denarius 001.JPG Faustina jr. denarius 003.JPG
  11. thejewk

    thejewk Well-Known Member

    Faustina II Aug.jpg Maximianus.png Trajan Sestertius.png

    Here's a handful of mine that I love because of their peculiarities, not in spite of them.
  12. Gary R. Wilson


    I just love the "Grand Canyon" flan super crack. It adds to the character of the coin and to me screams ancient.


    Hadrian (Augustus)
    Coin: Brass Sestertius
    HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS PP - Laureate bust right, slight drapery
    COS III SC - Neptune standing right with his left foot on a prow holding his trident and acrostolium.

    Mint: Rome (124-128 AD)
    Wt./Size/Axis: 25.30g / 34mm / 6h
    RIC II 633
    BMCRE 1288
    Banti 168
    Acquisition/Sale: worthashot101 eBay $0.00 04/20
    Notes: Apr 24, 20 - The Gary R. Wilson Collection

    The rarer variety with Neptune right.

    Acrostolium (Greek: Akrostolion) An ornamental extension of the stem post on the prow of an ancient warship. Often used as a symbol of victory or of power at sea.
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  13. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Heck yeah, @Roman Collector ... When I view a coin, I focus on its history or subject matter. I have a bad (good?) habit of glossing over the "defects". I figger it is a couple thousand years old (most of mine are BCE), and anyone with that age NEEDS to have a few things overlooked!

    Great Faustina2!

    Here is a crack one one of mine:

    When I got this one, I was more interested in "HEY, this is Brutus' buddy! "

    RR Gaius Cassius Longinus & P Corn Lentulus Spinther AR den 42 BCE military mint Brutus Cassius Smyrna Libertas r- jug & lituus 18mm 3.3g
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  14. Ryro

    Ryro You'll never be lovelier than you are now... Supporter

    Super thread, per usual, RC! Cool concept from Doug. It reminds me of kintsukuroi...


    Hey hey, Talking Faustina II...better queue up the Beachboys!

    I know that I recently posted her (you helped me get a probable ID, but still waiting to get her in hand). So here she is with another of her that I really like for the same reason:


    Faustina I
    Pietas Sestertius 154-156 AD. Rome mint. Obv: FAVSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL legend with draped bust right. Rev: PIETAS AVG legend with S-C to fields and Pietas standing left, holding flower and cornucopia, child at foot left. RIC 1379; BMC 2177; Cohen 173; Sear 4715. 26.27 grams. 33.80 mm Ex Ares
  15. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    These usually have major flan breaks. I have one with and without:

    Samnium Aesernia
    263-240 BCE
    Vulcan Left -
    HN Italy 430

    Samnium Aesernia
    263-240 BCE
    AE 20
    Vulcan Pilos Tongs
    Jupiter Biga
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  16. robinjojo

    robinjojo Well-Known Member

    I see... At first I thought this thread was about wasabi sauce!

    I have some coins with this characteristic, but, being slothful by nature, I'll post a coin that has been around this circuit before. I removed the resin and gunk covering this coin ("Athena and the Frog") since the last posting:

    17.0 grams

    D-Camera  Athena and the Frog, Athens, Tetradrachm,  5-28-20.jpg
  17. Limes

    Limes Well-Known Member

    Lovely coins! And i never heard of Wabi Sabi, great way of looking at 'coins with a flaw' in a positive way.
    But to be honest, the 'Wabi Sabi' types in my collection are also a compromise between having the scarce type or emperor in my collection and budget. Do I really charish these coins because of their imperfections? Or do I like them, despite their flaws? It's a bit of both, I guess. I do lack a coin in my collection that truly speaks to me, because of its flaws(s).

    My current 'flawed' but nevertheless nice coins tend to be off flan, weakly struck or worn, or a combination of these three. Here is an example:
    Same for this one, worn, corroded, but lovely portrait!

    @dougsmit, I've seen your alexandria coin before, but it still is a really beautiful coin every time I see it again! A perfect example of 'grown beautiful' in my opinion.
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  18. robinjojo

    robinjojo Well-Known Member

    Love 'em, warts and all!
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  19. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    I was kinda going on the Lone Ranger kemosabe thought process...

    GELA AR Didrachm 490-480 BCE SILVER Horseman with spear r - Forepart of man-headed bull r
  20. zumbly

    zumbly Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana Supporter

    Adopted from the recently concluded Roma E-71, this Faustina II has its issues, but I like her early portraits, and this one was a less common leftie. No one else wanted her, so she's mine now.

    Faustina II Left20008.3.59_1.jpg
    Faustina II (daughter of A. Pius) AR Denarius. Rome, circa AD 152-153. FAVSTINA AVG PII AVG FIL, draped bust left / CONCORDIA, Concordia seated left, holding flower in right hand and resting left arm on cornucopiae; globe below chair. RIC 502b (Pius); RSC 55. 2.95g, 18mm, 12h.
    Near Very Fine; cleaning marks. Rare left-facing portrait.
    From the collection of a Yorkshire Gentleman.

    And here's another wabi sabi coin I'm fond of. The flan, thin and light, was struck hard enough to produce deep edge splits at three points.

    Salonina - Ant Venus ex Normanby Hoard 3535.jpg
    AE Antoninianus. 2.45g, 20.4mm. Mediolanum (Milan) mint, issue 7, AD 266. MIR 36, 1368o; RIC V (sole reign) 67; Cunetio 1786. O: SALONINA AVG, diademed and draped bust right on crescent. R: [VEN]VS VICT, Venus standing left, holding helmet and transverse sceptre and resting left arm on shield.
    Ex N. M. McQ. Holmes Collection; ex Normanby Hoard (1985) [IRBCH 854], no. 513 (part of)
  21. OutsiderSubtype

    OutsiderSubtype Active Member

    Here is a sestertius of Faustina I. RIC 1105. On some of these the legend hides Aeternitas's little phoenix, but not this one!


    Here is a close up of Aeternitas and the bird:

    IMG_20200528_201225 (2).jpg
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