I'll never give up lol 2006

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by HobbySpoils, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. HobbySpoils

    HobbySpoils Member

    Sorry if I am wrong but I feel like I am going to be eventually good at this lol

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  3. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Well-Known Member

    Hello. Can I ask a question, How are you taking pics ? I can help you take better ones if you want help .
  4. HobbySpoils

    HobbySpoils Member

    Except the hand and thank you
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  5. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

  6. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Well-Known Member

  7. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    Please post some full size photos of both the obverse and reverse.
    Also you need to lay off of the amount of light it is washing out the details.
    There are 8 DDO's for the 2006, most if not all have what is called tootsie roll doubling on the date. it is extra thickness without separation lines.

    I am gonna add that with the photos you are providing most here will see them and call them MD or DDD. Please take the time to learn your digital microscope.
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  8. Inspector43

    Inspector43 72 Year Collector Supporter

    What are you asking in this post?
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  9. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

    If its a doubled die
  10. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Well-Known Member

    Welcome to CT @HobbySpoils. As @Inspector43 posted; what are you asking specifically? Most of the Zincoln cents have anomalies due to the copper coating on the zinc, and most have no added value. DDD and machine doubling is common and NAV. Good luck.
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