IKE's being pulled?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Jason1367, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. cladking

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    When I started collecting coins with fewer than ten million examples were considered rare. Everyone wanted one or a few rolls of them. Everything changed in 1965 and it no longer mattered how few there were people didn't want it if it were minted after 1964. So coins like the very scarce '76-P type I Ike in MS-63 or better is just another ho hum modern that most people would take to the bank to get a "real dollar". There aren't 50,000 of these extant but no one even knows because there is no market and almost no collectors. The same applies to other dates of Ikes in nice collectible condition but people aren't looking for rolls or bags or even a single example!!

    There are many forward thinking collectors like you and many of us try to set aside a few extra for future collectors but nothing can ever change the fact that many moderns are tough now and they'll only get tougher in the future. They languish in mint sets that can be purchased for a song as large percentages are now rotting as well but very few people care.

    I just wonder what collections of moderns will look like in 100 years. Sure there will be a few high grade sets but what will the average collection look like? It is going to be composed of ugly and horribly made coins leading people to beliueve this era now is even worse than it really is? It would be a shame if people in the future don't see the positives about these times.
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  3. Coinchemistry 2012

    Coinchemistry 2012 Well-Known Member

    I think many banks simply do not know that they have the ability to order these.
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  4. 19Lyds

    19Lyds Member of the United States of Confusion

  5. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    No, they are still legal tender.
  6. Circus

    Circus Tokens Only !! TEC#4981

    The biggest problem is likely the same thing it has been with the reintroducing of the $2.00 bills, dollar coins, halves, and the large dollar coins other than in Vegas. NO PLACE to put them in the cash registers! And with the dullness of a lot of the younger people, that work in those jobs. The owners would lose to much money by the mistakes and don't care attitude of the cashiers.
    I have had cashiers at Home depot call a manager on me for try to pass off foreign money, Saggy gold dollars, another one told me they were told not to make change for gold coins because it takes to much money out of the register gold pres dollars! At the 7/11 the morning cashier ask me to keep paying with gold dollars, when I paid with singles for a coffee and paper one morning. I asked why she wanted them? She told me that she had another customer that was buying them off her at $1.25 each. I asked her if she knew that any one can get rolls of them at their bank.
    She was shocked, that any one could get them. I told her that the guy probably like her and was angling for a date.

    And finally the store owners large and small have told the gov that they don't want to have to replace their store equipment. Sort of like the vending operators did before.

    Now that a lot of the casino's in most states have gone over or converting to the paper ticket or stub gaming machines. There is less and less call for either Ikes or halves of any description.
  7. softmentor

    softmentor Well-Known Member

    Actually, the idea that most cash register drawers only have 4 slots, and therefore no place to put halves or dollar coins is incorrect. Most have at least 5 slots and many have 6. Usually the last slot is filled with paperclips and useless stuff.
    It is certainly my experience, though, that most cashiers are befuddled, or at least pause a moment, when they receive haves or coin dollars. At minimum they take a moment and look at them trying to figure out what it is.
    I also have a few spots that I spend them where the cashiers are happy to see me and even ask when I don't have coin to give them. They save them.
    I also have one customer at one of my Farmers Markets, who bought an album and has been starting a collection of halves.
    Small (usually gold colored) dollars and halves can still be ordered at most banks, at least if the bank wants to. The delivery trucks (Brinks, Gardia, and others) have access to them from the Fed Res station where they pick up coin. It is not a problem for those. The large Ikes however, have not been available since my last pick up last summer. I have a standing order in, my bank submits that order request every week, but none have been available from the Fed Res for several months.
    I am hoping that I will get at least one more order. Maybe I'll start selling them on Ebane for $2 each?
  8. Danr

    Danr Numismatist

    they sell for $4 or $5 at a local auction (I always wonder who the bidiot is)
  9. coinman1234

    coinman1234 Not a Well-Known Member

    I called 20 banks, in my town and neighboring towns, to ask if they could order Ikes. Not a single one could, some of them had some lose Ikes but no one could order a single bag of Ikes.

    I wonder why?
  10. 19Lyds

    19Lyds Member of the United States of Confusion

    BECAUSE - Your Typical Bank Teller/Vault Teller does not KNOW that they can still be ordered.

    Liken it to asking the average man or woman on the street if the US Mint still makes Kennedy Half Dollars?

    95% would say no.

    For the record, I just ordered 2 $1,000 bags of IKE's from my bank and both came in yesterday. So far, the 1st bag has yielded 3 Silver Eagles and I'm not even half way through.

    Say, this goes in line with asking a bank teller if they can order you some IKE's since these 3 Silver Eagles were obviously tossed in a bag wit more ikes since "someone" thought they were dollar coins (which they are actually dollar coins)!
  11. coinman1234

    coinman1234 Not a Well-Known Member

    Wow, 3 silver eagles!!! What do you say to the tellers to get them to order them???
  12. 19Lyds

    19Lyds Member of the United States of Confusion

    Finished preliminary and found a Silver Round. That's it for silver on this bag.
  13. Ethan

    Ethan Collector of Kennedy's

    I wish I could order them....count your blessings
  14. ken454

    ken454 Well-Known Member

    agreed, your lucky, of the 4 banks in my area none will order Ikes..
  15. jlogan

    jlogan Well-Known Member

    The bank that has ordered them for me in the past can't anymore, and my credit union tried but was unable to get any :(
  16. Dean 295

    Dean 295 D.O.M.

    I go to my usual banks and see a new teller I always have an IKE and a Clad Half to show them what they are. Usually they say they have never seen any of the two coins. Sometimes the tellers know me and say they have some and were waiting for my to come into the bank, so I buy them.
  17. sensehunter

    sensehunter Member

    "Finished preliminary and found a Silver Round. That's it for silver on this bag."
    What happened to your hunting for 72 T-II's, Peg Legs, errors, coins for grading, and all the "minors" that qualify for DIVA? Can't believe you don't do that anymore? Once a hunter...always a hunter...unless you lost your rifle somewhere....
  18. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    You said you were't able to get a copy of the order form that the Fed used to have up on the website, but your bank is still able to order them for you. What form are they using? Can you get a copy of it? (Maybe if some of us have the right form we might be able to get our banks to order them too.)
  19. davidh

    davidh soloist gnomic

    In the past few years I gave all my Eisenhowers away as tips. I just recently found one more that got lost here among other things. I'll give it away on my next restaurant trip. I still have about 50 crisp new $2 bills and $30 in Kennedys that are also used as tips.
  20. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage!

    Yep, Ike's were a flop years ago so why should things change today?
  21. bdunnse

    bdunnse Who dat?

    Why not?
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