Ike Dollar Grade Opinion???

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by coinguy-matthew, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. coinguy-matthew

    coinguy-matthew Ike Crazy

    I bought this ike dollar and it came today, It is PCGS graded you guys give me your opinion on the grade and then i will reveal it.

    Ike 1.jpg Ike2.jpg
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  3. coinguy-matthew

    coinguy-matthew Ike Crazy

    Better pics in better light....

    Ike3.jpg Ike4.jpg
  4. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    Looks like wear on his ear, I couldn't go MS quality and be surprised if it is. Also, the second pics aren't any better, you have a strange angle and parts of the coin is cut off.
  5. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned

    Well, since most Ikes from mint sets look like they went through a cheese grader, I will say this was graded MS. I will go with MS 64.
  6. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    Good point. Isn't that cheese grater and not grader.. ;)
  7. coinguy-matthew

    coinguy-matthew Ike Crazy

    PCGS graded it ms65 but it shows wear on the reverse particularly on the lettering on the reverse??? should i send it back and try and get a refund???
  8. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned

    Seems like they were very generous in their grading. Why would you want to send it back? That doesn't look like wear to me. Just a weak struck or well-used die.
  9. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned

    Lmao. Maybe it's cheese greater.
  10. 19Lyds

    19Lyds Member of the United States of Confusion

    1971 IKEs were never issued in US Mint Sets or Proof Sets. The OP's coins originated from a bag and then possibly a roll.

    Looking at the reverse on the second set of pictures leads me to believe AU58 since the breast exhibits luster broken wear.

    The Ear and the Breast can both suffer from a weak strike, which is also a possibility for the OP's coin given the rim next to the motto on the obverse.
  11. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    The breast yes but from the pics, it just looks like some extra rubbing of some type occurred on the ear, not just weak strike. Could be the picture though giving that impression.
  12. jhinton

    jhinton Active Member

    I think it is just a weak strike and I'm going to guess it was graded MS64-65 based on other ikes I have seen. I would grade it 62-63 personally. Better pictures would help.
  13. TheCoinGeezer

    TheCoinGeezer Senex Bombulum

    Ikes weren't in mint sets until 1973.
    I peeked ahead and saw that the OP says PCGS graded it a 65.
    The coin looks circulated to me and is poorly struck to boot.
    Nothing PCGS does surprises me any more.
    How they stay in business with a piece of excrement like Don Willis at the helm is a mystery to me.
  14. james m. wolfe

    james m. wolfe New Member

    pcgs.jpg :yes:
  15. Leadfoot

    Leadfoot there is no spoon

    AU? You obviously have no idea whatsoever how the TPGs grade Ikes.

    NGC would grade it the same way, and PCGS standards haven't changed since well before Mr. Willis took the helm.

    Put that in your sour pipe and smoke it.
  16. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    I don't think gbroke was saying this one was from an uncirculated set, I think he was just talking in general, even the uncirculated ones from mint sets are usually in horrible condition. The mint gave the Ike literally zero love in the mint making process. ;)
  17. coinguy-matthew

    coinguy-matthew Ike Crazy

    ohhh well i can always upgrade to a more attractable coin later on its not like this broke the bank.
  18. BUncirculated

    BUncirculated Well-Known Member

    Or just sell it for value lesser than a 65.

    I don't agree with the 65 because of the amount of wear on it.
  19. coinguy-matthew

    coinguy-matthew Ike Crazy

    I bought it from cheapslabs.com i have no plans of selling it, the coin was for the set im trying to put together. Just didnt expect to get this the pics looked good but you know how that goes.
  20. TheCoinGeezer

    TheCoinGeezer Senex Bombulum

    Who said anything about AU?
    To say that PCGS standards haven't changed since the odious Mr. Willis came on board indicates to me that you quite possibly may be a PR flak for PCGS!!!
    Put that is your sour pipe and smoke it!
  21. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    You need to let your childish grudge against Don Willis go and accept that PCGS is the foremost and best grading company in the numismatic world right now.

    Further, retaining and using an extensive vocabulary doesn't make you seem smarter or more educated than anybody else here, it makes you seem like a bigger edited than most.
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