Identification of small greek coins

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by gogili1977, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Please, if anyone knows better Greek ancient coins, tell me something about these coins that I almost got. Diameter is 14-15mm. Thanks in advance. 20170421_110256.jpg 20170421_110320.jpg 20170421_110335.jpg

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    PISIDIA, Komana
    1st century BCE
    Obv: Laureate heads of two bearded men right, jugate
    Rev: Lion springing right, KO in exergue
    Ref: SNG von Aulock 5064; SNG Cop. 125

    An example from CNG's archives:

    PISIDIA, Komana. Circa 1st Century BC. Æ 13mm (1.85 gm). Jugate, bearded heads right / Lion springing right; KO in exergue. SNG Von Aulock 5064. Good VF, dark green and brown patina. $95.
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