Identification help requested: Medieval European coins/tokens(?)

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Amit Vyas, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Amit Vyas

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    Requesting help in identifying a couple of objects from a group lot I picked up towards the end of last year. I usually don't go for such lots, but picked this one exclusively for the nice Radu I Ban it had: the remaining 9 objects (a mix of medieval-looking European and Islamic coins and tokens) were a bonus.

    Posting these two together as the bold device on the obverse and the similar fabric seem to indicate that they are related. Apologies for the noisy pics: these are the best I could manage due to the small size of these and the current low-light conditions here.

    1. 2.19 g, 13.6 mm
    2. 1.5 g, 13.7 mm
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  3. dltsrq

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    Likely Ottoman, c. 15th century.
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  4. Amit Vyas

    Amit Vyas Well-Known Member

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