Id help please!

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by finny, Sep 24, 2020.

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    Hi everyone!

    Ok, i googled the Greek letters even and googled for wheat ear, oat, barley, club, and palm branch. So far, no luck finding anything similar to this one :( It seems like it should be easy to id, but i'm stuck. Please help!
    Thank you!

    IMG_20200904_104711.jpg IMG_20200904_104727.jpg
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    Maybe Kallatis?
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  6. Broucheion

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  7. finny

    finny Active Member

    Hmm....Thank you everyone - it does seem like it might be from Kallatis. That led me to look on Forum and I found this which looks close:

    I forgot to put the info on my coin as well:
    16-17mm (clearly chipped on one side though where the nose would be)
    3.608 g

    I don't see any other characters on the back though - just that "ΑΛΛΑΤΙ" part, but maybe there's a K in front of it.

    This is getting me closer though!
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  8. finny

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    Maybe it's a mule with the reverse from the silver coin - it's hard to tell but there might be part of a bow case at the edge. And the front is the laureate head. The coin is definitely not silver though - I'm guessing bronze and it looks like it's got signs of bronze disease (i've soaked it in distilled water for a couple of weeks now)
  9. Herodotus

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    Moesia, Kallatis Æ17. 3rd-2nd centuries BC.
    O: Bearded head of Herakles right, wearing taenia
    Corn ear, club and bow in case; KAΛΛATIA between
    SNG Stancomb 94 (this coin); HGC 3.2, 1832.

    From the William Stancomb Collection; this coin published in Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Great Britain, Volume XI, The William Stancomb Collection of Coins of the Black Sea Region (Oxford, 2000)

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