Ibercoin Turiaso Collection 06/15/2021

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Silphium Addict, Jun 23, 2021.

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    The Turiaso Collection of Celtiberian coins had some very nice and very rare specimens. I did not win a few early Emporion coins but I still got several others I wanted.
    I was surprised to get the invoice the evening of the sale and paid at that time. I was very surprised to receive the coins today - 1 week later. I was most surprised to see the package with the flips attached to a card with additional postcard size cards describing each coin.

    Here are two of the coins:
    Punic Spain, Uncertain mint late 3rd - early 2nd Century BC
    1/12 shekel or hemiobol 0.44 gm 9 mm
    O: Tanit symbol
    R: caduceus
    ACIP 527 (this coin illustrated)

    Spain, Emporiae
    As 12.11 gm, 27 mm
    O:head Diana right, [EM]PORIA to right
    R: Pegasus right; MVNICI below
    ACIP 1061
    Commemorates Augustus designating the old Greek, Roman and Indigenous settlements as a Municipium called Emporiae in 27 BC
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    Here recently, Kunker Auction house sends similar cards with
    the coins I win (not too many lately). I think it is a nice touch.
    Your Punic Spain coin is a looker.
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