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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Clavdivs, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Clavdivs

    Clavdivs Supporter! Supporter

    The last year has been very difficult for me - a bit of a struggle...
    However my Covid loss (4 family members) has been minor probably ..compared to sooo many others.
    But I have lashed out a few times recently that I am not proud of.
    I am sorry for that.. but I have to say I am still not in a great place.
    Working through it ... mine to win!
    Thank you for those that have given me a bit of rope.. sorry for those I may have upset.
    No excuses... love you all.
    Below showing that we can still be better .... we can all be "YEAR 13".


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  3. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & avid numismatist Moderator

    Nice follis. Admirable self-honesty.

    Here's to FEL TEMP REPARATIO, eh?
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  4. Only a Poor Old Man

    Only a Poor Old Man Well-Known Member

    First of all, sorry for your loss. Losing a closed one is a big enough tragedy, losing 4 is indescribable. Silly arguments on an internet forum among anonymous individuals are insignificant really compared to the harsh realities of real life. When I was younger I would engage in all sorts of online flame-wars regarding politics, sports, music, and all the usual suspects. However I do find them kinda pointless now as they are time-consuming, usually off-topic and nothing ever comes out of them. So, I have avoided commenting on the heated discussions that have occasionally arisen on this forum. At the end of the day we are here to discuss coins and promote the hobby, and if the debate ever gets heated, it is the self-inflicted duty of our moderators to calm thing down :happy:

    Here is my year 13. It is a painful reminder of the tremendous disasters that can befall humanity, but also a reason for hope as we all know that the Byzantine Empire very quickly rose to its feet.

  5. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    i didnt see any posts by you where you were short or rude, even when i looked at your history. nice coin.
  6. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & avid numismatist Moderator

    Some such posts and/or threads get swept away by the moderation team, though I must confess I have no specific memories in this particular regard, either.
  7. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    some minor tussle over the details of ancient rome. Not a big deal, but I am not roman.
  8. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Supporter! Supporter

    Clavdivs, Don't lose any sleep over it, some of us do have a short fuse on occasion including myself :rolleyes:. Fortunately CT members have short memories :).
  9. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    @Clavdivs Firstly, I'm really sorry to hear about your losses. That's enough to drive anyone over the edge.
    That being said, I haven't noticed anything untoward. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places. But that doesn't matter. Glad you are on the right track and I hope things are looking up for you.

    As Lord M said: "FEL TEMP REPARATIO"
    (Us Kicking Covid's Butt)
    Constantius II
    Obverse: DN CONSTANTIVS PF AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right
    Reverse: FEL TEMP RE-PARATIO, soldier standing left, knee raised, spearing fallen horseman who is unbearded, wearing Phrygian helmet, clutching horse's neck. Gamma dot in left and centre fields
    Mintmark CONSA

    (Us Rising Like a Phoenix From The Ashes)
    Constantius II, 348-351 AD, AE4, FEL TEMP REPARATIO.png
    Constantius II
    AE follis
    Obverse: D N CONSTANTIVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right
    Reverse: FEL TEMP REPARATIO, radiate phoenix standing right on globe. Mintmark CONSA.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2021
  10. Gavin Richardson

    Gavin Richardson Well-Known Member

    For those of us not familiar with Byzantine coinage, what’s the significance of year 13?
  11. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    That's a gorgeous coin, @Clavdivs! May 2021 bring you solace.
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  12. Cucumbor

    Cucumbor Dombes collector Supporter

    I haven't seen anything rude or offensive either in your posts (I'm not connected 24/7 though)

    Sorry for your loss. It's hard to believe so many people have died from a pandemic until you count so many in your own family

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  13. Beedles

    Beedles New Member

    May you find peace in your hearts for you and all your family. I will pray for you!
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  14. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    @Clavdivs , I understand.

    Last April, I lost a very close Family member to Covid. Very difficult on everyone. I chose not to discuss it here, as I knew everyone were battling fears of the unknown or their losses.

    Within the last 2 months, both of my parents got it. My Mother recovered quickly, my Father took longer, and still is weak but recovering. One of my Daughters and her Fiancé got it... long recoveries. It is NOT the “flu”.

    I noticed some folks making uneducated comments, which chafed me, but I held my response. Perhaps they, too, were hurting, or perhaps they were ignorant of the deep pain they were unknowingly inflicting. For those people, perhaps being isolated and not touched by personal loss makes them feel safe from it...and easier for them to make rash comments.

    I hope that folks strive to mentally walk through others’ shoes before making rash comments.

    It is not always easy for you. I understand. I draw upon my beliefs to help. I know your post will help you through this.

    Will be thinking of you and yours.

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  15. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Basileus Megalos

    Anyone can have a bad day or a run of bad luck which effects their mood. With Covid we have all been on edge. Here's hoping that we all can get vaccinated and put the tragedy behind us.
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  16. Kurisu

    Kurisu Supporter! Supporter

    I fully connect with you on this...I am feeling incredibly grateful and maybe even a little guilty on some levels for having survived Covid although I'm now months into life changing long haul problems.
    To me it's simple...life before lively-hood or things people want to do.

    I have had a whole lot of moments thinking about what both my sets of grandparents had to deal with (as well as family and friends in other countries) during WW2. They sacrificed for all of us, the Purple Hearts, the neighbors friends and family they lost, the rationing, the giving up of items for war efforts... it keeps reminding me that this has been a war against a virus and we're not done yet.

    I very much appreciate the people (like you) who've had the strength to continue life and efforts no matter what losses need to be faced. The people who have stuck to essentials and sacrificed activities like seeing family and friends and gone through the efforts of keeping others safe are by far the bravest and strongest. Ok, except for maybe the frontline people.
    Good on you for sharing this, it's a appreciated. I wish you love and hope and all the best!!!
  17. CaptHenway

    CaptHenway Survivor

    @Alegandron I have seen a story that said that receiving one of the vaccines may help "long haulers" recover from the aftereffects of having already had COVID. You might look into it.
  18. Kurisu

    Kurisu Supporter! Supporter

    Thank you much I appreciate it! I just posted something about that in another thread earlier because I am scheduled for shot number one tomorrow! :woot:
  19. Mike Thornton

    Mike Thornton Learning something everyday.

    We all have bad times and moments. One sign of a truly good person is one who calls themselves out for bad behavior and who's strongest critic is the one looking back at them from the mirror. We all do it, but too few admit it. Sorry for your loss and best of luck to you.
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  20. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Supporter! Supporter

    Constantinople was hit by the Bubonic Plague in the year AD 542 after decimating the populations of Europe. It is often referred to as "Justinian's Plague" since he too was struck by the disease but miraculously survived :jawdrop:. Another year 13 coin from my collection :happy:.
    2491169-005, AK Collection.jpg
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  21. Mike Thornton

    Mike Thornton Learning something everyday.

    Good luck with the shot. I get my second on Monday. Hope you don't have any side affects. I didn't but the wife did. She had soreness at the injection site for about 4 days.
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