I was able to help a coin dealer spot a fake

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Everett Guy, Jan 29, 2021.

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    I ran across a coin dealer at a local flea market last week and I asked if he had any roman coins, he had 2 bronze that he gave me for $7. He said he didnt know anything about them (he is a modern coin dealer) and some one had gave him those along time ago. Today I stopped in and he said "I am glad your here, I think I got a rare silver roman coin and I figured you would know more about it...is it real?" I picked it up and from the weight I said ..."I didnt think so" the edge had that perefect stamp roundness/thickness with wear cracks in it that I felt if the edge cracks were real the coin wouldn't of been as nice and round ect. so I said let's weight it, ended up 5.7g....I told him thats about 2g more than it should be. I started looking at the edge more and I seen with a magnifier faintly the word "copy" and then told him its definitely a fake, when he asked how I knew for sure, I showed him the copy on it and he said hes glad I stoped by. It felt nice to be able to share some knolage. I am far from jedi master but I am a jedi :D
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