WTB: I want some more 1970 Mint Sets

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    As the title says, I'm looking for some more 1970 US Mint Sets. I just received a package of 1970 Mint and Proof sets that took a month and a half for USPS to deliver and it's kickstarted the hunger again, so to speak. So I'm looking to add some more.

    If you're curious what a 1970 US Mint set looks like, here is a scan I took (because some people confuse them with the US Proof Set) SCAN

    Should come in a white envelope with two sets of cello-sealed coins.

    To cut down on wasted money for shipping costs, I'd prefer to buy them in larger groups. I've had pretty good luck getting them at coin shops for somewhere between $10-12 each, so that's the price point I'm looking for. If you have them sealed in the original Mint shipping box, I'll be happy to discuss a reasonable premium.

    If you have any 1970 D Kennedy Half Dollars (especially still in the Mint cello) I'd be interested in those, too. I do not want any that are circulated, damaged, or cleaned.

    I might also be interested in 1970 Proof Sets...depending on cost. I'd much rather spend my money on the Mint Sets, though, so I'd say the Mint Sets are Priority 1 and Proof Sets would be like Priority 8 (on a scale of 1-10.) In other words, I really don't care to buy just Proof Sets - unless the price is too good to turn down.

    Can pay via PayPal.

    Let's see what you have!
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