I never thought this day would come(sell my entire collection?)

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by zach67005, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Jim M

    Jim M Ride it like ya stole it

    Go to Walmarts and buy her a pair of big girl panties and send her on her way. She is not your issue, YOU and the KIDS are your issue.
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  3. riff

    riff I ain't got time to bleed

    and one can decide to be mature and not make a edited comment about dear abby. nothing more than kicking a man while he is down. this may or may not be the place, but have some cooth.
  4. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    Exactly. The logo at the top and the domain name of this site is CoinTalk, not PersonalIssuesINeedAdviceTalk. One should expect to read about coins here, not personal issues and drama. No pun towards the OP, just my opinion. I have no problems helping you out with the coin questions but I think the personal stuff, well, at least the details should be left off a forum like this.
  5. jloring

    jloring Senior Citizen

    I think the OP realizes this now (see post #24).
  6. riff

    riff I ain't got time to bleed

    i just dont get the point of commenting on a post just to say "i dont like this post." its like tv. if you dont like whats on, change the channel. dont go out of your way to let everyone else know you dont like it. the guy needed advice, and he asked for it. if you dont have any for him regarding his questions, so be it. telling him "this isnt a dear abby column" seems uncalled for. like you said, this is a PUBLIC forum. OP is part of that public.
  7. Hunt1

    Hunt1 Active Member

    Ok well, the OP just wants to know fastest most collective way to sell off his collection:

    Fastest- Ebay, B&M, Craigslist

    Most Cash- Heritage, Teletrade, Ewww...Possibly Ebay.
  8. Pilkenton

    Pilkenton almost uncirculated

    Not sure I know what your problems were to start, but it seems like you still have feelings for her. She has no place to go. She has no money. You have kids. Sell your collection and get the both of you to a marriage counselor and get your life back on track.
  9. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    No, the way I see it is, it's letting other readers know that this isn't a place for personal detailed issues. If we all just ignored it, then everyone would think it's okay to post this stuff. The information within threads is what makes forums tick. I saw nothing offensive about the "Dear Abby" reference. Sometimes the truth hurts, but must be told in my opinion.
  10. Vess1

    Vess1 CT SP VIP

    The OP doesn't bother me as much as it must bother some of you. I realize this is cointalk, but it's not like this guy or anyone else I know consistently come here to discuss personal problems. Not everybody has 50 people to call and talk to about something like this. It isn't that big of a deal.
    The post still had to do with coins. His entire collection in fact. And inevitably, somebody would have asked "why are you selling" anyway so he got it out of the way to begin with.
  11. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    Oh, trust me, it doesn't bother me directly, my opinion is more of advice. I'm just a believer in personal privacy. Spilling your life story on a public forum where the whole world can read it is just not my style and I don't recommend it either. That's all!

    Heck, I bet no one here even knows my real name and likely never will. Maybe I'll have to hold a contest on that one day! ;)
  12. GDJMSP

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    The fastest and easiest way to sell your collection is to contact a dealer, send your coins to him so he can make an offer, and then either accept or reject that offer. If you accept you're done, if you don't then you do it over again with another dealer.

    What can expect is that you will be offered between 50% and 80% of what you paid, and that is a fair offer, even the 50%. 80 would be a great offer ! And that is based on the assumption that you did not over-pay. If you did, expect less.
  13. usc96

    usc96 Junior Member

    Cleaned the house 7 times. Can't stop thinking about how to sell your collection. You sure you don't have OCD?

    While I don't advise this, if you really wanted her to have the proceeds from your coin collection so she can pay for a $1000 car, just give her $1,000 bucks worth of that silver (you said you had $3000 worth) and tell her to go to a "We Buy Gold and Silver" place.

    Not giving legal advice, but keep in mind that the Dodge credit company, that isn't getting it's $300+/month, might repo her challenger, then seek a deficiency judgment that they can use to pick up the new car, and if you co-signed, your stuff.
  14. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    Doug is correct - and in some cases you might even get less than 50% depending on what it is. The only quick way is with a local dealer - and as mentioned you might want to just start with the bullion material. I have sold 2 ways, 3rd is in the works. The quickest and least return for my money was the local dealer, but I could get money same day. Next is consignment - nets you much better money, but it takes time for the coins to move. So it is not quick and some may not sell at all. The third way is a consignment to heritage - I have just done that. They will be coming up for sale soon. You could try ebay - but that is too much hassle for me.
  15. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage

    Cut your losses and run for the hills!! :devil: :D Seriously though, you state that you're sick of the lies and debt. It's only a matter of time before she really puts you and your kids in the poor house and then both of you are gonna be on the streets. It sounds like you've helped her over and over again and now she's using you as a doormat. Trust me, let her go find someone else to help her with her issues. You got kids to focus on. good luck!!
  16. AdamL

    AdamL Likes Silver

    I would not advise sending her, or anyone who doesn't know what they're doing, out to sell coins or silver on their own. Usually people like that get ripped off.
  17. Kanderus

    Kanderus Active Member

    edited - look, and this goes for everybody, if you can add something to help the guy sell his coins - fine post it. If not, then keep quiet. This is not a discussion about women, or men, or their problems, or what you have seen, or what you have heard - or any of that.

    This is about a guy who asked how he can go about selling his coins.

    If you cannot keep to that topic then I am going to close the thread.
  18. bradarv90

    bradarv90 Member

    Is that a challenge?
  19. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    You're not married, are you?
  20. missingsf

    missingsf New Member

    My wife kept the kids and the house. I kept the coins, I still have my boys, I bought another house(s) my coins were memories, gifts, cherished events, and passion, no one is taking that....
  21. Kanderus

    Kanderus Active Member

    I am married, I just married a woman when I had absolutely nothing. I married a woman who I have built my life with. A woman who will work to help give us the life we want. Not wait around for it to be delivered to her.
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