I need to Confirm My Email Address - how do I do that ?

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by GDJMSP, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Silver Seeker

    Silver Seeker New Member

    Sorry to be a pain, but I'm itching to be part of this community haha!!!!!

    I've verified everything. email, my phone, my computer. I've scoured this forum and tried to find answers but can't.

    I cannot do the following:

    1. Start a new thread
    2. Update my profile photo
    3. Attach pictures or files to responses.
    4. Cannot view the forum rules.

    I've emailed an admin I guess via the contact link at the bottom of the site yesterday, but haven't gotten a response.

    Is this because I'm "too new" ?
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  3. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    I am not a computer guy by any stretch. I know that when I joined I was stuck in limbo for a couple weeks myself. It had to do with getting an email from the site and responding to that email. I finally had one of the youngsters in my office set me up with a Google email. I re-applied using that Google email address. Subsequently received my confirming email and I was in. Do you have an alternate email that you can use to re-apply with? I wish I could help out more. I am relegated to die with an analog wired brain I suppose.
  4. Silver Seeker

    Silver Seeker New Member

    Randy, thanks for reaching out. I am using a gmail account, and yesterday when applying I tried to use an alternate email as well (also a gmail). I received the verification emails fine. I'm not the best with computers myself, but this forum is off the same platform as others I use, so that is why I was so surprised at the trouble I'm having.

    I can create a whole new email account for this forum only, but should I use gmail again or a different provider? Although I am getting the emails fine now ?

    I'll wait for an email back from the forum I suppose and hope that fixes it.
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  5. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    I think that if you try to re-apply using a different name, then that blackballs you somehow. I know @GDJMSP has a thread here somewhere about fixing hiccups. I'll see if I can track that down for you. Maybe it will help.
  6. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    Check out this thread. It may clear up things.

    I need to Confirm My Email Address - how do I do that ?
  7. Silver Seeker

    Silver Seeker New Member

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  8. Silver Seeker

    Silver Seeker New Member

    I didn't re-apply just updated my email address after my account was opened. if that helps.
  9. Swartz83

    Swartz83 New Member

    I also did not receive any confirmation email and I can't create any new posts.
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  10. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    First, welcome to the neighborhood!

    It takes a little while for confirmation before you can post. It must have been finalized or your comment would not have posted. Check your profile page for e-mail notifications.
  11. WheatEndsClear

    WheatEndsClear New Member

    New here as well. I have gmail and I didn’t get the initial confirmation email. I read this thread and checked my spam folder- nothing there either. What is my next course of action?
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  12. WheatEndsClear

    WheatEndsClear New Member

    I’m in now! I just had to wait about 24 hours for the email to show up.
  13. ZayneEldridge

    ZayneEldridge New Member

    I have posted 10 posts and it still doesnt let me.....
  14. Robert Ransom

    Robert Ransom Well-Known Member

    A short wait is all. Welcome aboard The CT Train and hope you enjoy the ride.
  15. tenorduckroll

    tenorduckroll Member

    Play around, click on things, break things... it will be ok! click on your icon to add photos. Enjoy being here, with time you will learn. No rush =]
  16. oabmarcus

    oabmarcus New Member

    never got any email. checked spam, trash, everywhere, can't find any email from ct.
  17. Gallienus

    Gallienus coinsandhistory.com

    I got an email from someone who's trying to join Cointalk. His name is Andrey & he's used 3 different emails, has checked his SPAM box and never gets a confirmation email. If a mod can respond I can send you his email & details by message & you can see what the problem is.

    Thanks very much for helping.
  18. Gallienus

    Gallienus coinsandhistory.com

    March 31, 2021 Time: 22:49
    Hello Gallienus,

    Thank you again for your help. I am afraid there are some problems with the site. My friend from Italy also could not register there. I really hope that your post helps to resolve this situation.

    Best regards, Andrey
  19. desmo907

    desmo907 New Member

    I registered and used my Hotmail email and never received a confirmation email.
  20. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    Check your junk mail. When I registered my company email wouldn’t let the confirmation email come through. I had to set up a Gmail address….. For some reason the confirmation email tends to be viewed as junk by a lot of protective software. Good luck!
  21. desmo907

    desmo907 New Member

    Thanks...it came through hours later and was in Junk..
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