I need to Confirm My Email Address - how do I do that ?

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    Short and sweet this is what happens. A person finds CoinTalk and decides to register as a member. When they do that they provide CT with an email address that they wish to use. And then once they do register the forum software automatically, and immediately, sends an email to that email address you provided. That email sent by CT ask you to confirm your email address, which can do simply by clicking on a link within that email sent to you. Click on that link and your email address is confirmed.

    And once your email address is confirmed you are granted full posting privileges on the forum. But if you do not confirm your email address then your posting privileges are restricted, perhaps is a better term. Some thing you can do, other things you cannot do.

    Seems simple enough doesn't it ? And it is, for the vast majority of people who register with CT. But it also where the problems begin and things become complicated, sometimes very complicated. This is why.

    Whenever an email is sent, like from CT to you, it first goes to your email provider and they then send it on to you. But there are some email providers out there which do not accept emails from CT - any emails from CT. So if CT sends you an email, you don't ever even see that email because your provider blocks it - that email never gets to you, you don't even know it exists.

    This is just one possible explanation of what happens. But make no mistake it does happen. And if it does happen there is simply no way that you can confirm your email address for CT - as long as you are using that email address that you chose to use.

    There are also other things that can happen that can screw up the process. Whenever you set up an email account, you the user, usually decide on what settings you wish to use. Different providers offer different settings. And the settings you decide upon determine which emails you will receive and which emails you can send - and which ones you cannot receive and not send. You may try to send them but they simply won't go out because of the settings you chose to use. So, bottom line, you yourself may be the one who is stopping the process from working because you chose to use settings on your email account that are too strict.

    Another thing that can happen is your own personal security software and or anti-virus software. Similar to your email account you can choose to use settings that are too strict. And some emails will go through and some won't - in either or both directions, incoming and outgoing, or just one or the other.

    Yet another thing that happens is that a person registers with CT, CT sends them a request for email confirmation, but the person decides not to confirm it - for whatever reason they may have - and who knows what the reason is.

    Yet another possibility is that the email from CT is/was sent your SPAM folder by your email software. So look for it there. If it is there fine, click on the link and confirm your email address.

    In the end it doesn't matter what happened or how it happened, it can be any of numerous reasons including many I did not mention. The only thing that matters is that unless you confirm your email address you will not be given full posting privileges on CT.

    And also please understand this - CoinTalk doesn't have any control over any of this, only you do ! Whatever it is that is going wrong, you are the only one who can do anything about.

    So what do you have to do to fix it ? It depends on what is going on at your end as there are several possibilities.

    Scenario 1 - you register, and CT sends you the request for confirmation. You do receive that request. You must then confirm your email address by clicking on the link and or following instruction in that email you get from us.

    If you do click on the link then confirmation is immediate, it happens within a second or so. And you're all set as a CT member.

    If you do click on the link and yet you still don't have full posting privileges then something went wrong on your end. The problem is NOT with CT it is on your end. And only you can fix it. You can try adjusting your settings on the your email program, your security and/or anit-virus software and that may or may not fix the problem.

    Scenario 2 - you register, but you never receive that request for confirmation from CT. And you should receive it immediately - again within seconds. So if you don't receive it then you know you've got a problem. And again only you can fix it.

    So OK, how do you fix it ? There is only one way, you MUST set up a new email account to use with CT. You can set it up anywhere you want (using any provider you want), and that may or may not work. I'm saying that because there IS more than one provider out there where it doesn't work - there are lots of them !

    BUT - if you use one of the free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc etc - and you leave the settings at default - in other words don't change anything, it will almost always work just like it is supposed to.

    Once you set up a new email account you must then register with CT all over again, using a new user name and your new email account. Once you do, you will be sent that request to confirm your email address. Do so ! Once you do, you're all set.

    Any and all old accounts you had previously set up on CT will then be closed. Your new one will remain open and active - with full posting privileges.

    As I said - it's complicated ! And this is the only way there is to fix it.
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    Doug, thanks for pinning this to the top of "Support & Feedback".

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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Folks, please click on this link to see and read additional information about this issue. And yes please read the whole thread !


    And anyone who sees this and is trying to offer help to somebody who has a problem with confirming their email address, please realize that those with the problem cannot even see this section of the forum. So if you are trying to help, and yes please do so, then direct them to the link above because that one they can see and read.
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    Glad I read this pinned post. Just checked the spam folder in my gmail and sure enough there were 7 or 8 messages from CT. Removed them from auto-spam (what else have I been missing!) and will keep an eye for email verification request.
  6. Randy Abercrombie

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    Hey Lola.... Back when I joined, my regular email which goes through my business was rejecting the confirming email from CT as spam. Check your spam folder. Ultimately I had one of the youngsters in my office set me up a Google email. I re-submitted with the new email and it went perfectly.... But I would bet the CT verification is going to your spam folder.
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