I have a 2002 penny but is mising that 2in that end some body know if is work something

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Raul Campos, Feb 13, 2021.

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    Please disregard the posts above. You have a very rare, possibly unique coin. The coin was minted in the second century A.D. in Rome during the reign of Septimus Severis. It depicts a vision the emperor had that was given to him by Jupiter fortelling a great empire in the west. Prophecy spoke of a bearded leader who would be immortalized in copper and have a car named after him. The folks on Etsy would surely pay a king's ransom for this coin.
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    @LakeEffect is right you know *munches a bag of popcorn*.
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    I have heard about that coin but had never seen one. WOW!
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    Merged the duplicate threads.

    It appears the author was having technical difficulties. There were actually more, which were empty of content and only had a title. I swept those into Purgatory and moved the rest here (I think).
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