I don't believe this.

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by NewStyleKing, Jan 21, 2021.

  1. NewStyleKing

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    After reading @Al Kowsky's Heritage offer I decided to view their past sales of NewStyles. Although I am on their notify list for NewStyles I noticed I knew nothing about 2 coins I would have bid on that somehow escaped notice.

    Looking generally I noticed this NewStyle with a blundered description comprising of 2 parts ,one unrelated to that coin.
    Still it sold for $2160 inc BP.
    Nevermind being grossly overpriced IMHO I was intrigued by its TPG.

    It is missing the all important amphora mark, and some of the wreath so how could it be 4/5 for strike?
    As for surface 5/5 what's that rim dig on the LHS of the obverse?

    Yeah it's nice but not $2K's worth.

    I think I'll put all my NewStyles in plastic when it comes to sell.
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  3. Theodosius

    Theodosius Fine Style Seeker Supporter

    I still need one of these. What does a good VF with decent style cost nowadays?

  4. NewStyleKing

    NewStyleKing Beware of Greeks bearing wreaths Supporter

    £300 -£400
  5. NewStyleKing

    NewStyleKing Beware of Greeks bearing wreaths Supporter


    Mine sans plastic.
    Flan damage where other coin in hoard abutted it for 2000+ years,holes all over reverse due to 2000+ years of hiding in damp conditions. Nice detailed coin though with nice clear amphora date-which is the first ever month date on any NewStyle.
    Cost +juice E400. Nice strike good centering, great style.

    Athens New Style Tetradrachm c153/2 BC
    Obs : Athena Parthenos right in tri-form helmet
    34.2mm 16.80 g Thompson issue 12
    Thompson catalogue : Obs 66 : Rev NEW
    Rev : ΑΘΕ ethnic
    Owl standing on overturned panathenaic amphora
    on which month letter A
    2 magistrates monograms in both fields
    LF symbol : Cicada
    All within a surrounding olive wreath
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  6. NewStyleKing

    NewStyleKing Beware of Greeks bearing wreaths Supporter

    I did fail to see that the Plastic coin is a RIGHT SIDED cicada, but I noticed it and reported it in my short paper some while ago
    New coin types in the Athens New Style Coinage Thompson Early Catalogue: Cicada
    on academia
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  7. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Yeah, Heritage is high for stuff I find. I think they sucker in US collectors with the plastic and they overpay. I only buy certain things at HA unavailable to me generally elsewhere. Their buyer fees and shipping are pretty high as well, and collect sales taxes now for every state. I have had some of my shipments sent to another state at times.
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