Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Isaac Sasson, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Isaac Sasson

    Isaac Sasson New Member

    How do you guys find so many DD's and error coins? I've searched for years and never found Any errors or DD's.Anywhere specific to look? Any tips to tell if its really DD or an error?
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  3. jallengomez

    jallengomez Cessna 152 Jockey

    Read up on them. Buy a few of the cheaper examples so you know what to look for. Then search. Then search some more.
  4. Isaac Sasson

    Isaac Sasson New Member

  5. stldanceartist

    stldanceartist Minister of Silly Walks Supporter

    1) Buy the book (in this case, the Cherrypicker's Guide Vol 1 and 2 is a good place to start)
    2) Get your bookmarks in order of websites that have information on varieties (CONECA, VarietyVista, etc.)
    3) Buy the loupe (my personal favorite is the BelOMO 10x found here.)
    4) Look through thousands of coins. Be patient...good stuff is out there.
    5) Learn how to photograph your finds so others can share in the fun.

    Best place to look for errors and varieties is someone who sells coins and doesn't bother to check for them. Second best place is the bank - find one that will order you coins, and one that will accept your rejects.

    Personal advice? Watch your posture while you do it. Sometimes I find myself more resembling Gollum from LOTR, looking for my Precious...and I have to remind myself I still want to look like a normal person in five years.

    PM me a shipping address and I'll send you a DD. No charge. (I remember never finding ANYTHING until I found my first one, a 1936 Lincoln Cent DDO...then I started really going through Kennedy Half boxes and the rest is history...)
  6. Isaac Sasson

    Isaac Sasson New Member

    Wow!! Thanks so much for all the info!!! I don't know how to PM on here yet so when I figure out ill message you. Thanks!!!!!
  7. stldanceartist

    stldanceartist Minister of Silly Walks Supporter

    Not a problem! Google will be your best friend well as forums like CoinTalk where there are plenty of people here with a passion for variety collecting.

    I'll get you a package in the mail today (luckily someone bought one of my coins on eBay, so I have to make the trip anyway...)
  8. ken454

    ken454 Well-Known Member

    hi Isaac, welcome to CT, another book i found helpful is "strike it rich w/pocket change", couple websites i use are "lincoln cent resource center" and, you'll find tons of info there, the ebay cent u asked about is on doubledie so u can check it there for yourself, there are like 100 errors for that cent, mostly minor errors, the one u listed is one of the majors and if u get it in uncirculated condition, in my opinion, is a nice lincoln cent, just dont do all you'r hunting on ebay, lot more exciting and rewarding finding coins for yourself, k back to searching penny rolls for me, good luck. oh heres a pic of one of my formative years lincolns.. 5024371-3.jpg 5024371-1.jpg 5024371-2.jpg 2009-WDDR-002a.jpg
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  9. quarter-back

    quarter-back Active Member

    In my opinion, the DDR's from the war years are the easiest DD's to find. Look at the dot between the E and Pluribus. There are many DDR's on which this dot is obviously oblong, and they typically are accompanied by a very thick lower arm on the E. Be careful because some types of die deterioration can look similar, but I'll bet you find some if you look carefully.
  10. non_cents

    non_cents Well-Known Member

    How do we find so many error coins?
    We search. A LOT. You generally won't find an error or variety in a single roll of cents. People purchase boxes of 50 and search them. You need to search thousands of cents in order to find worthwhile stuff.

    How can we tell what we find is an error?
    Education. I have some books on errors and varieties, plus the whole internet at my disposal. I've got key websites bookmarked so that I can visit them during my search.

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  11. justafarmer

    justafarmer Senior Member

    I suggest you begin with searching for RPMs using higher grade coins. This way you are focusing on a narrow scope of the coin's design. Once you are comfortable with this variety much of what you learned with RPMs can be applied to searching for doubled dies which broadens you focus to all aspects (obverse and reverse) of a coin's design.
  12. jay4202472000

    jay4202472000 Well-Known Member

    I would also like to suggest coppercoins and lincoln cent resource websites. These have great pictures to study. John Wexler's site is also full of great pictures. Coppercoins helped me the most. I went months without finding anything. One day I decided to spend the whole day doing research. I went to coppercoins and studied a ton of different dates. This really helped me with what to look for and where doubling is found the most on the actual coins. I am in the middle of going back through the cents I searched when I first started. I have already found 3 or 4 regular doubled dies that I overlooked and probably 15 to 20 listed doubled columns DDR's that I overlooked. I didn't know the doubled columns existed when I first started.
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