How would they look like today ?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Ocatarinetabellatchitchix, Nov 29, 2020.

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    A pretty cool video for a Sunday night: how historical figures would look like if they were alive today ? If they would have modern haircut and clothes and even make-up ? Some examples here :








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    From the coins I've seen of Cleo, I always thought she was not a good looking woman (I realize most Romans had a dim view of her). However, she must have had something going for her since she snagged JC and MA. The image above of her would make me take a second look (out of my wife's view of course.)
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  6. akeady

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    She certainly doesn't look like that on the coins :D

  7. Ryro

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    That's a very young and obviously idealized Alexander. More Beiber than general. This was a man that lead thousands into battle, from the front, and never lost a battle.
    I always liked the slightly more mature and Rockyesque:
  8. dougsmit

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    I think you lose track on how much more beautiful a woman might seem to those who see her first and foremost as owner of and 'god' to people of the richest land on earth. She may not have resembled Elizabeth Taylor in face but she made Bill Gates and the 100 richest people on earth today collectively look like paupers. On top of the gold, Egypt produced enough grain to control the hungry Mediterranean world. When Augustus and the subsequent Augusti kept Egypt as their own personal possession, they knew what they were doing.
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