How To Hold a Coin

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by Speedy, Jan 8, 2005.

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    :D Consider yourself "toasted to a crisp."
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    I am incredibly new at this but I am using those blue non-latex gloves, only because I’m allergic to latex, but another user suggested I use cotton gloves which will be much more comfortable and warmer! I know they have them at walmart and they are very thin so you can feel the coin like you can with the other gloves. Just a suggestion. Great people on CT!
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    BTW welcome to CT. I too wear gloves. I’m glad to be in good company!
    Now watch out before the angry mobs gets us!
    E2E211D3-95EE-4258-B874-9D9B9BADB104.jpeg 0D379EC4-073E-4327-A3DA-5270A1B8F2C7.jpeg
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    Hey there! Thanks for the welcome :)
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    Great ideas
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  7. panzerman

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    Remember...all coins/ hammered or milled started off as FDC:cigar:
    Reason most are in lesser grades today was caused by handling/ also known as circulation for legal tender. There are many modern "proofs" that are graded as "impaired" due to touching them with exposed fingers:(
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    Do you always have to wear gloves while holding gold/silver coins? If not when would you have to?
  9. FrugalCO

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    oooooohh! That dealer doesn't deserve to be a coin dealer! Put a negative mark on Yelp so that others won't go thru what you just went thru !
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