How To Hold a Coin

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by Speedy, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. FreakyGarrettC

    FreakyGarrettC Wise young snail

    I use sterile rubber gloves as my parents work at a hospital. Please correct me if this practice will harm my coins.
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  3. FreakyGarrettC

    FreakyGarrettC Wise young snail

    BTW they are powder free. :)
  4. snaz

    snaz Registry fever

    That really shouldn't be a problem, as long as you use common sense.
    IMO, it would be a bad idea to touch the face of the coin regardless what is protecting your hands. Yes, if you are holding the coin by the rim, these gloves are a safe practice for your coins. Definitely better than greasy fingers touching the coin, IMHO.

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    That is true Snaz, but it should be noted that latex gloves will leave smudges on coins. Their use is not recommended.
  6. jazzcoins

    jazzcoins New Member

    The only safe way to do it is with these like they do at the mint when they put the proof coins in the holders .i use these when I look at coins.

    Jazzcoins Joe

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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    But I believe the mint does it with machines Joe - not people.
  8. jazzcoins

    jazzcoins New Member

    I saw a special on TV about three years ago ,an when they finish minted each denomination for the proofs its like an assembely

    The workers put the coins in the proof cases each one with there own seperate denomination,the machines don't do it ,and they wear special gloves. I don't know if they use that same process anymore maybe now they used the machines.

    I would think the mint takes more pride ,they rather let the humans do it because the proofs are more delicate and worth more.

    Jazzcoins Joe
  9. jazzcoins

    jazzcoins New Member

  10. the_man12

    the_man12 Amateur Photographer

    I think the best solution is to not hold the coins.
  11. spock1k

    spock1k King of Hearts

    there are different schools of thought here and some here start to berate the other school of thought for what ever reason. i dont agree with GD 100% of the time but we agree on most important issues to different degrees. IMHO its crazy to close ones mind and ignore the advances of technology and keep pretending by sitting on a high horse.

    Way to go Gd :hug: keep providing the light in darkness ( not for me i live in space :D)
  12. spock1k

    spock1k King of Hearts

    if you want a contact at the mint let me know :whistle:
  13. spock1k

    spock1k King of Hearts

    noe here is a mana fter my own heart. i will let you know when my coin field is ready . its a futuristic device i am panning ;)
  14. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    I would think machines would scratch the coins.

  15. spock1k

    spock1k King of Hearts

    now you are talking time for you to visit the indian mits
  16. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    What does the Indian's do with their mits? Do they play catcher?

  17. lyndonkun

    lyndonkun New Member

    hello there, thanks for the how to handle a coin technique. Now i know how to handle it properly.

    Types of Coins
  18. MercuryDimes

    MercuryDimes New Member

  19. maxxy_coin

    maxxy_coin New Member

  20. maxxy_coin

    maxxy_coin New Member

  21. wheatydigger

    wheatydigger Member

    Thanks for the tip! Nothing bothers me more than fingerprints on a beautiful coin.
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