How to Avoid Getting Cheated on eBay

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Reid Goldsborough, Sep 27, 2002.

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    BTW - there are some of you that think the best way to keep from getting taken is to buy slabbed coins only. Think again!

    Both of those are counterfeits. One is in a counterfeit PCGS slab and the other in a counterfeit NGC slab, but by the pics it's impossible to tell. What gives them away are two different things. The PCGS one sold on Heritage a year ago:

    Compare the label on both and you will see there is a difference. ;)

    And the NGC one is talked about here:

    And here is a BB-64 in a NCS slab that was the last one sold on Heritage:

    So by that price, the one on Ebay would be worth 50+ grand and it wouldn't surprise me if it was worth 100 grand. So, would you buy a 50+ grand coin on Ebay for 3 grand? :whistle:

    Ribbit :)
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  3. HandsomeToad

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  4. reiljj00

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    Again I would like to say Thanks, I will be taking my coin (1903 o) to a very qualified appraiser tomorrow, and if it is cleared by him, I will send it to PCGS. I can not express my appreciation for your concern and looking out for me on Ebay, This is a much needed and used website, I am only thankful to be a part.
    Thanks again Toad,
    John Reilly
  5. HandsomeToad

    HandsomeToad Urinist

    Can you post better pics of it, John? :thumb: That one was interesting since it looked like one I had that was counterfeit and weighed close to what it should have but it was way too thick. Lay it next to a known authentic example and compare thickness. ;)

    Ribbit :)
  6. goossen

    goossen Senior Member

    Old but still useful info. Everybody buying on eBay should read this thread.
  7. y2kkoinking

    y2kkoinking New Member

    its awesome to see some knowledgeable answers. thanks
  8. tommyc03

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    How to avoid getting ripped off on Ebay

    One of the things going on on Ebay that is really annoying is the ads for lincoln cent coins with oddball coins on each end of the rolls. These rolls are being touted as bank rolled and original. Who in their right mind would put a gold coin in one end and say a barber dime on the other end. Coin rolling crimpers are easily had on Ebay for a song. But I constantly see people bidding furiously on these items. Can all these people be uninformed or beginners? As it goes...Knowledge is power.
  9. davidh

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    These are generally scams, but good buys can be had if you're careful. I have bought rolls of this type, one with an S-mint Indian showing (turned out to be a 1908), three with 10-S, 11-S and 12-S Lincolns showing, and one with a FE. The average cost of these rolls was about $10 each including shipping so I figure I wasn't taken. Bid only on the coins that are showing, but only if you know that you're getting the roll with that particular coin.
  10. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    I have not bid on any of these rolls but you are absolutely right about bidding on only the coins showing. I certainly set my limits and do not play the bidding war game. If I were to bid on these it would probably be lower than normals also as I would not know the condition until in hand so have just not played the game. I di bid and won on a ten roll set of 2010 cents and out of one roll there were half of them with two minor die cracks each, one in the forward portion of Lincoln hair, the other at the top left of the shield with an on again, off again clash on the reverse bottom right. Yes, minors, but all collectable.
  11. Cash Money

    Cash Money New Member

    I just purchased one of theose rolls with a 1874 IH cent that looked AU and a 1864 in good condition. I just received the roll and the 1874 is beautiful and better than the picture showed. The roll also had an 1858 FE and a 1866 in VG condition. Not a bad roll for $96.00 and since I don't need the other coins I will sell them to further offset the cost of the 1874. That being said (and as stated above) I was only considering the 1874 when I bid on it and I took a chance that the reverse wasn't trashed. I never count on there being anything good in those rolls so when there is it's a bonus. There are alot of ways to get ripped off. Take a look at the worlds worst touch up job on this auction and the sad part is it has bids.
  12. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    Bravo on your good finds! Although it would be hard for me to part with nearly a hundred dollars and take that chance. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you.
  13. mrbrklyn

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  14. dctjr80

    dctjr80 Senior Member

    This thread is completely full of outdated useless info!

    How not to get cheated on eBay? Hmmm, oh wait only buyers can leave negative feedback now, and PayPal always refunds when you claim SNAD claims. Yep, useless thread that should have been left far, far in the past.
  15. joey0053

    joey0053 ZERT Operator

    Unfortunantly you will most definitely will not receive proof to why this is done and the likliest of answers is what collector 1966 has said.
  16. BUncirculated

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    You do realize this is a 9 year old thread that was brought back 2 years ago, and again at the beginning of this year?
  17. joey0053

    joey0053 ZERT Operator

    Well it was weird, I was in a differnet thread. The one about the Nickel with the .5 cent writen or stamped onto it and I made the reply you see. Ater I hit send this thread pops out of the blue and my reply is posted here. Crazy
  18. khay

    khay New Member

    Thanks for the replies. If the coins are real, then I can be satisfied. I am mainly after them for gold value, not numismatic value, anyways. I prefer them loose, and don't mind a few scratches even. I find the 1/10th oz coins to be the most convenient size and price right now. I roll them in dime rolls... lol! If the pcgs coin is real, and isn't really worth more, then I might as well simply crack it open myself and roll it with the others rather than bother trading it to a dealer for a loose one.
  19. khay

    khay New Member

    it just posted my reply to a different thread here, too. weird...
  20. medoraman

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    Regardless of being an old thread, it was really cool to see Reid Goldsborough's name as the OP. Good guy. I was really sad when I read his article in the Celator a few months ago about why he is quitting coin collecting.
  21. jjack

    jjack Captain Obvious

    OT but why did he quit i have read a few of his guides' on his website.
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