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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by tken1950, Sep 16, 2019.

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    I created this thread in the general and should have directed it in coin chat.

    I am looking at 4 $20 gold coins a 1896 ms62 graded by NGC, a 1923D MS65 BY PCGS, A 1897 MS62 BY PCGS, A 1899 MS62 BY NGC AND A 1884 CC MS65 BY PCGS.

    I was wondering if $1600 a piece for the $20 gold coins and $350 for the Morgan would be correct, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is from a private seller that I use to work with. He only sent picture of the obverse.

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    Next time, just ask the Mods to move it using the "Report" function at the bottom of your post.

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    Decent price for the lot.
    Might be a little bit high on the ms62's but I didn't look them up and you dont have to shop around for a better price.

    Spot gold @ $1500 today
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