How much is it worth?

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Kingen111, Feb 19, 2020.

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    With these type of coins there are two markets
    (1) spot price gold market of which it's value is about $1660
    and the more elusive
    (2) collectors market where it's price is spot price + numismatic price.

    When you first posted I checked eBay and such and could not find any information on sales of this coin. That does not say much though. It could be saying (i) there is NO demand or it could be saying (ii) there is no supply, which is questionable.

    But looking at the sale price which was $2899.99 CDN which is about $2187 USD, that is above spot price. Normally when you buy directly from a mint you pay a Premium to cover design & engineering, manufacturing and logistics. Costs that a secondary market do not care about. At that point it's all about the metal and any numismatic aspect, if any, of the coin.

    It's a pretty kewl coin

    I have those 2001 $10 Canadian 1/10th and 1oz hologram coins. They're pretty kewl but just sell for about SPOT including the OEM packaging. They were "cool" at the time but now they're just a memory in the numismatic realm of coins.

    So, it all depends upon who and where you ask of the value of your coin.
    But if you are thinking the price is worth more than when you bought it unfortunately most coins are like cars. You drive it off the lot and the value drops. But it is made of gold so luckily recently the price of gold has gone up so that aspect of the coin is worth more. You'll have to find someone that really wants it to pay above spot price who would pay added numismatic value to it.
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