How long before credit is issued by the mint?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by saltysam-1, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. saltysam-1

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    My tracking number on my return said it was made 10 days ago tomorrow. I used their return label, original box and order number included. It was a $1500 coin so if there is a problem, I would like to get on it sooner than later. How long is a reasonable time for the mint to generate a credit. I have not had a return to them prior.
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  3. statequarterguy

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    They used to take 2 to 3 weeks. But, lately I have the refund with 2 to 3 days of them receiving it. I'd call if I were you.
  4. saltysam-1

    saltysam-1 Junior Member

    Good to know. Thanks.
  5. saltysam-1

    saltysam-1 Junior Member

    Wow, that was some experience. I called the mint today a found a grave error on the return. It appears a credit may have been given to the wrong account, although at this time it is an assumption by both parties. Their credit was $1453.00 off of the actual. Their records had me returning a different coin, on a different date at a different time. After supplying my information, they have agreed to credit me the difference but they are going to escalate my claim after finding it logged in on the date furnished by USPS and the correct time. It sounds like my paperwork got switched with someone else's coin. Or, a possible internal problem at the distribution center. I was on the phone for a half hour with the rep and at least one or two supervisors. It sure paid to keep every record and print out every receipt on this one. The people I talked to were very accommodating and helpful all the way. I thought this may drag out for months, but it seems to have been resolved with one phone call. Wow again.
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