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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by JayAg47, Dec 9, 2020.

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    I'm sorry to see he has been removing coins from the site as they sold. If you want anything there, now might be the time to copy it since those last few coins sold. I bought my one Bridgnorth coin in 2012 paying top dollar for the day (before most people were quite so fond of Provenance) but I wanted a coin of Trier to complete my 'mint set' of Falling Horsemen. That site would have done well to prove which coins came from the hoard but now I guess you will have to take people's word for it. Coins of this hoard have a distinctive color typical of being processed by the British Museum at that time.
  4. dougsmit

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    For those interested in Falling Horsemen: I got the Trier Constantius Gallus below in 2014 for well under half the Constantius II despite it being considerably less common and the best flan I have seen on a FH. The coin had no hoard Provenance listed but came from another UK dealer. Perhaps the price difference reflects the 'value' of the link to the hoard???
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    I make my own collectors notes. They are printed on one side, but have handwritten provenance on the backside. I hope that the notes will be used to fill in new found provenance when the next collector takes over.

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    Well, I just happened to lose my coins in the same boat accident that saw 'bout 17 firearms slip overboard. I love my country, but hopefully they never find out that I'm hoarding my CU cents & shoot another one of my dogs ; )
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