WTS: HOT DEAL....Budget Tiberius denarius (Tribute Penny), Rome 1st Century AD

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    Here's a very sought after coin amongst ancient collectors and non-collectors alike, the Tiberius Tribute Penny, the coin often associated with the Bible story of Jesus where he stated [Matthew 22:21 Jesus said "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's."]

    These coins are in such high demand that average VF samples will set you back close to $500, and XF examples can run north of $700. But here is a nice budget example in aF condition which I purchased from the well known cointalk ancients member John Anthony, and got lifetime guarantee on it's authenticity from him.

    tiberius 6 (1).jpg

    So how much for this little gem with nice old toning, a great portrait of Emperor Tiberius, and the desirability that comes from it's association with the biblical connection to Jesus? Only $205 including shipping. Let that sink in! On Vcoins you can't even buy one like this for less than $250 (and that's not including shipping). To say this is a bargain is an understatement, and it's your golden ticket to get in on owning this well-sought ancient "Tribute Penny" which will only continue to go up in value over time.

    So buy now or repent later that you passed on this golden opportunity to buy a decent budget specimen at $200 when you had the chance, as you are paying $300+ for a budget one somewhere else a year from now.

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