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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Finn235, Jun 3, 2020.

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    To my complete surprise, this coin was waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday, after spending nearly 3 months in COVID-limbo - it was already in transit when India came to a screeching, mandatory quarantine halt back in early March. I honestly didn't think it would ever arrive.

    Indo Sassanian
    Gurjara-Pratihara supremacy or related (northern India)
    Ca. 600-700 AD?
    Finn 2.2.x "Sri Sha", Maheshwari 1200-1206
    Gurjara-Pratihara Sri Sha.jpg

    While it may not seem like much, this coin is special because:
    - It is a relatively scarce variant; Maheshwari lists only 7, and the type was unknown to Deyell or Mitchiner. It is the third in my collection.
    - The legend is remarkably well struck; up to half of this general type (2.2) is so poorly struck that they are unidentifiable.
    - The star on the reverse (left, above the fire altar) is visible, a futher bit of evidence that these are predecessors of the more common Sri Ha, not successors as argued by Maheshwari.
    - The left attendant seems to have a highly stylized but still articulated hand, with a thumb and large finger.

    Feel free to share anything related, or anything you are either waiting on, lost, or eventually received during the pandemic!
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  3. Histman

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    I've had that issue with a couple of coins. I just got one from the Czech Republic. I have others I am waiting for. Crossing my fingers.
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